5 Ways to Know God’s Voice

I was recently talking to a friend about why I decided to begin blogging, and why, in particular, I settled upon a Christian blog.

I tried to find a way to say it that wouldn’t sound strange. But, there was no way around it.

“I felt called to do it,” I finally said, after a long pause.

She seemed a bit at a loss, though supportive, of my decision.

It got me thinking about God’s call.  For many of us, Christians and non-Christians alike, we tend to think of God’s voice as something supernatural, something that occurs on a Biblical scale. A burning bush. A cloud of thunder.  A flash of brilliant light.

But, God’s voice still calls to us today. It’s subtler, but no less powerful. We just have be tuned in.

Here are five ways to know God’s voice:

1. God’s voice comes when you’re in touch.
When I’ve felt God telling me to do something–in my case, to connect with others and praise him through my writing –it’s only when I’ve been in a “good place”…  when I’ve been praying, reading scripture, and feeling his peace and joy. When I’m off-track in my spiritual life, God is largely silent.

2. God’s  requests are different from your own. 
It’s pretty easy for me to distinguish God’s voice from my own when a totally unbidden thought pops up, making me feel as if I need to do something. And, it’s not something I would ever choose on my own.

3.  God’s voice asks you to do something for Him.
While I might like to think I make God a top priority on my own, when he calls me to do his work –and it involves sacrifice and time and faith–it’s pretty clear this is not my voice. I like neat and clean and easy. God’s work is often hard and messy.

4. God’s voice is insistent. 
Sometimes, we’re a little dense, aren’t we? God has to call us for months, or even years, before we listen. If I’m hearing the same message again and again (and it meets the other criteria we discussed), it becomes abundantly clear God is speaking.

5.  When you obey, your life begins to change.
When I’m pursuing God’s will, I find that things start to change.  Depending on his call–whether it’s to follow him in small, everyday ways, or whether he’s called me to fundamentally change my life–I feel the difference. Maybe it’s just that my day goes smoother, or that I feel peace. If I’m pursuing big, scary life changes, like I am now, I feel an entire shift.

I know that if I keep on this journey with him, I’m going to get my world rocked.

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