A Poem: Summer Self

I wouldn’t recognize you today,
all blossomy and damp,
light as a gauzy sundress.
You casually crush green
beneath bare, stained toes,
snip herbs for dinner,
bouquet hosta or lilies.

You’ve forgotten me,
hoarding wan daylight,
wiping puddles of salted snow-melt,
brewing bones.
You wouldn’t remember how to use fleece and wool
to staunch the cold
that bleeds through everything.

You smell of sunscreen and clover
as you step into twilight,
your yard aglow,
dewy blades vibrating full
of summer night sound.

(It’s difficult to think of you
without judging your thoughtless naiveté,
scarcely believing autumn was gathering
and winter would fall down hard.)

But now that spring buds in fits and starts,
I find I am a helpless creature,
soft, white, shrunken,
covered still
with layer upon layer of winter armor.

So I recall you now gladly
for what you can teach —
how I might once again
receive warmth,
expand forth,
turn my face grateful to the sun.


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  1. I stumbled upon your blog Seasons With Soul searching for Isaiah 30:15 In quietness and trust in your strength. The Lord has overwhelmed my soul with faith and everlasting light. My father is in critical care and treatment fighting cancer. This is sudden, and I have broken away from following God’s word. I read this poem, and relates to the passing and acknowledgment of my fathers illness in December. His health is rapidly failing. Im calling on the Lord today, with a great amount of greed, but solemnly ask for him to deliver me a pathway to heaven. So, that I may make of this life. I am recently married,and my husband of great faith, kinder a strong heart, but my tears are of flowing sorrow to loose my father so soon. I woke early this morning, in prayer, and searching for God’s voice, and this is how he spoke to me. PS16:11 Known to me the path of life. 23 All the day of my life. Who ever of you,loves life 39:4 let me know how fleeting is my life. 49:7 No man can redeem the life 104:33 I will sing to the Lord all the days of my life. PR1:3 A disciplined and prudent life PR 6:23 are the way to life PR 7:23 little knowing it will cost his His life.PR 6:23 For who ever finds me Finds life PR. 11:30 of the righteousness tree of life Ps119:175 Let me live so I may praise You.

    • Deann: I am reaching out to you in prayer this morning, as you seek God, read His word, and lean hard on him, as you struggle to come to terms with your father’s illness. Thank you for sharing the beautiful Psalms.

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