Apple Cider Cranberry Smoothies

Apple Cider Cranberry Smoothies

You have them, those cranberry sauce fixin’s. Fresh cranberries. Apples. Carrots. They’re probably doing duty in your crisper while you put off making tomorrow’s sauce.

So, why not dig into those ruby globes and give them a whirl in the blender for a cranberry-relish-inspired smoothie?

Apple Cider Cranberry Smoothies

2 cups apple cider or apple juice
1 cup chopped fresh cranberries
1/2 cup vanilla yogurt
1/4 cup shredded carrots

Place ingredients in blender, making sure to add the liquid first (this helps it blend easier), and give it a whirl.

Add honey or pure maple syrup if you feel like you need extra sweetener {we didn’t}.

This makes for a thin, frothy smoothie. If you’d like it to be thicker, add ice. If you want it perfectly smooth, pour through a fine sieve before serving. {There were still a few bits of cranberry, as you can see from the photo, but it didn’t bother me or my 7-year-old.}

This makes for a healthy alternative to polishing off the last of the Halloween candy while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner!

My daughter takes a high dose of steroids right now for a recently diagnosed autoimmune disease. And, she’s always hungry. I felt pretty good about giving her multiple helpings of this smoothie because of the antioxidant punch from the fresh cranberries, the natural probiotics in the yogurt, and the lack of added sugar. Plus the fiber from the carrots and cranberries helped it seem filling for her.

What’s your favorite way to use cranberries this time of year?

We used to add a ring of berries to the bottom of a bundt cake pan and fill with a few inches of water and freeze. Then, we’d use the iced cranberry ring to jazz up our holiday punch bowl.

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