Catching Wonder, One Star at a Time

Catching Wonder, One Star at a Time

I’ve missed out on a lot of shooting stars over the years.

Strange, I know, for a farm girl, growing up on a dirt road, miles and miles away from the nearest small town. On our farm, the stars shone bright and close. I’d walk out at night, head up, to the hill behind the big barn and just drink it in, that diamond-dust-speckled sky.

But, shooting stars – they remained a holy grail of sorts. I always wished to see one, would be next to someone who saw one, but never did myself. In fact, I didn’t see a shooting star until I was 28 years old, 16 weeks pregnant with my first child, out on tent camping trip with my husband. {I told you I was a farm girl, didn’t I?} We were walking across a wide grassy field connecting two neighboring wooded campsite circles on a brisk, clear, October night. Suddenly, there it shot, a white-hot, radiant streak across the sky, catch-your-breath beautiful.

Catch the rest of the story over at MercyINK Blog, where I’m guest posting today!

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  1. I really liked this post, it was beautiful!!


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