Christmas Delivery, Guaranteed

Christmas Delivery, Guaranteed

The other night, I sat before the Christmas tree for a moment of quiet before bedtime. The kids were snug in their beds,  and my husband was off letting the dog out and locking up.

I had a moment to think. And, this is what I thought. My mind scrolled through lists of things I had done that I wanted to do differently, and that I hadn’t gotten around to doing that I wanted to… But, I thought:

It’s too late.

Then, the absurdity of saying something is too late for Christmas struck me.

Surely, there are many things it’s already too late for, when it comes to little-c christmas {you know, the variety most of spend our December days bowing down to}.

But, friend, when it comes to the holy, God-conceived, glorious, Savior-variety Christmas, it is never too late. Ever. Not in December, not in January, not in June.

The real Christmas doesn’t depend on our perfect performance of a set of arbitrary tasks we’ve come to associate with little c-christmas {but that have very little to do with what happened in a stable in Bethlehem}.

Rather, capital-C Christmas depends only, beautifully, simply, on our imperfect acceptance of His perfect gift.

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  1. Oh, Elizabeth, thank you for these words today. I needed to read them. To absorb them. I am struggling today. I feel inadequate. One of my children is struggling with entitlement and I am not sure of the words I need to say. I am taking deep breaths and whispering prayers. As I try to teach him about gratefulness and selfless giving, he is fixated on receiving. There is so much left to do. The little c christmas will pass soon enough. But the big C Christmas – it engulfs my spirit and burns in my mind. It is solid. It is waiting for me to catch up….

  2. We celebrate the holiday season very simply, and I can remember back when I used to make myself crazy, both emotionally and financially, trying to get the perfect thing for everyone. I wouldn’t go back to those days for anything!

    As a matter of fact, I took myself out to breakfast the other day, and there was a guy going on angrily in the next booth about his family’s failings at Christmas. (Yes, I am an inveterate eavesdropper. I admit it.) Anyway, he was complaining that some relatives weren’t buying presents for everyone, and he said something along the lines of, “look, I spent $2300 on Christmas last year and I don’t think that’s unreasonable. Who can’t do that?” I just boggled. Wow, buddy, you’ve got the wrong end of the stick there, I thought to myself.

    Anyway, I’m glad you had a moment of peace! In a moment of insanity yesterday I decided to make my DIL some crossstitch ornaments before she visits on Sunday, which will make the next two days a little crazier than they should be. Oh, well. We forge our own chains, blah blah blah 🙂

    • Nev: I can appreciate both your simple sensibility and your last-minute handmade ornament idea… I do long for simplicity but I also love to create and spoil myself at the most unlikely times by launching into new projects. (See recycled wrapping at right in my Instagrams — there was a fun project, yet one I didn’t really have time for.)
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  3. Beautifully put Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing your revelation. Oh in those quiet moments the divine strikes. Blessings, friend!
    Elise Daly Parker recently posted..God is OmnipresentMy Profile

  4. never too late
    never too early
    His gift awaits all who will receive

    thank you for this beautiful post
    HisFireFly recently posted..let it be unto meMy Profile

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