Part 1: The Long Story About Cutting My Hair Short

Part 1: The Long Story About Cutting My Hair Short

I cut all my hair off this past May.

You see, I’m working toward making myself unrecognizable … so I can become myself again.

Let me explain.

I launched into last Fall, stuffed empty with the World and void of the Word. Grumpy, selfish, striving toward perfectionism, making a hefty $50 -$75 an hour for the few hours a month I managed to work, {while caring for three young kids full-time}, and complaining the whole way to the bank.

Yes, I loved my kids and husband.
Yes, I took care of them.
Yes, I worked hard.

Yes, I went to church.
Yes, I prayed and read my Bible – sometimes.

Yet, I was unfilled and unfulfilled. I lived hollow and echoing with the empty promises of my childhood – those days I spent clambering over rocks and into gullies and came back hours later with stars in my eyes and stories in my heart. Those were days when appearances didn’t figure, when authenticity was a given, when my hair was short and my creativity long.

You see, as a child and tween, I always kept my hair short. First, it was mom’s idea, and then mine. I simply couldn’t be bothered . But, one day, I started caring. I started paying attention. I began listening to peer feedback. {You look like a boy.} And, I began bothering.

And bothering became my life.

Check back Monday for the rest of the story.

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  1. Elizabeth,
    Fascinating. I can’t wait to read the rest of your story. I find it interesting that cutting our hair can be such a seminal event for women. I never even thought about how powerful it might be as a symbol until I cut mine…and left 40′ of it on the floor. It was such a big deal that I prepped people for about 4 months before I actually went through with it. I now look forward to doing it again in another 5 years (it’s a 7 year cycle of regeneration for me).
    Can’t wait for the resolution of the cliffhanger.
    Peace and good to you sweet sister.
    Chelle recently posted..Cutting a path to JoyMy Profile

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