{Creativity Series} Guest Post: Do Your Right Work

{Creativity Series} Guest Post: Do Your Right Work

Join me today in welcoming my friend Gindi, as she posts about her recent “aha!” moment when she realized that she was indeed a creative soul. 

She stood on stage, looking out at the hundreds gathered for lunch as she accepted the prestigious award. She spoke of the challenges she had faced to finally find this place in life. Then she challenged everyone in the audience to find their “right work” and do it.

She proceeded to give examples. She shared what the introverted person might look like and what their right work might be, and then what the academic person might look like and what their right work might be, but then she gave an example of what the creative person might look like and what their right work might be.

“Maybe you design amazing Christmas cards, and that is the one card everyone looks forward to receiving during the season.” I sat up straighter. I do that. But I’m not creative.

“Maybe you plan elaborate parties with coordinating themes and cakes and go all the way down to the napkins with your stylized design.” I leaned forward. I do that. But I’m not creative.

40915_fr_proofTwo more examples followed. Each one a bird’s eye view into something that I love to do and that I do well. It stumped me. I don’t sing or play an instrument (though I love music). I have zero artistic talent in the traditional sense (can’t paint, sculpt, draw, etc.). I have no idea how to scrapbook. I’ve never done anything remotely crafty with my kids’ school projects; never touched a glue gun; never sewn a stitch.

I grew up with a brother that could play the guitar and the drums and taught himself the keyboard and wrote music and painted and sketched and wrote imaginative short stories. I made straight A’s in math and science (and English and just about everything but art). HE was the creative one.

As I stewed over this concept at the airport, I thought of this Spark Moms series. I even remembered when Elizabeth asked a few of us to consider guest posting. {She and I are in an online blogging group together.} I didn’t even give it a second thought. I figured the creative writers would come up with something inspired and, well, creative, to contribute. What can a lawyer for an energy company contribute to “Spark Moms”? C’mon!

But, then I realized that by not recognizing the gift of creativity God gave me, I failed to honor Him. I failed to acknowledge His creative hand at work in my life — how he instilled in me a love for color and fonts and beautiful paper and imaginative ways to entertain.

Do you know what I collect? Napkin rings. I love to set a beautiful dinner table with eclectic napkin rings around my assorted cloth napkins. I used to love hosting parties, cooking, and entertaining, but once I had triplets, I hadn’t the time, funds, or clean space to do so anymore. So that part of my creative self withdrew. But it was still there, in a different way, and I failed to recognize it.

You see, I create elaborate children’s birthday party themes and spend a month designing our Christmas card. I come up with funny coordinating triplet Halloween ideas (last year my two-boys-and-a-girl triplet set who just turned three were Captain Hook, Peter Pan, and Tinker Bell).

So I’m acknowledging it. And I’m taking Elizabeth’s advice to heart from her affirmation post I will make creating a priority in my life, and I will try to do one creative thing each day. <<<Tweet This!<<<

If I could tell you one thing today, it would be this: That even in the depths and drudgery of motherhood, that creative self is still there. It may be buried under mounds of laundry or piles of Tonka trucks, but that painter, writer, entertainer, photographer, designer, dancer, musician, planner, imaginer is still in there, just begging for an outlet.

Find her one. Do your right work.

703638_3746187232670_145804625_oGindi is wife to Bray, momma to 3 year old triplets, and full time attorney for an energy company in Houston.  Her book, Learning to Lead, released last month.  She blogs daily over at Gindi’s – A Refreshing Spot for Working Women of Faith. She loves coffee, girlfriends, and shoes — and believes that her life is a living testament to the fact that God can do more than we could ever ask or imagine.

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  1. What a beautiful ‘aha’ moment!
    Lani recently posted..Grace for the razor edgeMy Profile

  2. Love this! So many people think you have to paint or be Ernest Hemingway to be considered creative, but each of us create beauty in our own unique ways! Love the phrase “right work.”

  3. Boy, that’s what I thought Rosanne! Thanks to Elizabeth and others for debunking that myth!!
    Gindi recently posted..Leadership and “Leaning In”My Profile

  4. Well, I don’t know how I’m only reading this now, but it was worth the wait!! Love the back story on how you discovered your “right work!”
    Christine Wright recently posted..Things I Never Thought I’d DoMy Profile


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