{Guest Post @ Life Your Way} Permission to Play

{Guest Post @ Life Your Way} Permission to Play

Sparkly Sparkly Crazy Hair is famous in our family. A My Little Pony who sells ice cream sundaes for $50 a pop, she also has a perennial bad attitude. And, if you argue with her, the price just skyrockets. We’re not sure how she stays in business, but she does.

Though my daughters are 10 and 8 now, and they haven’t really played ponies in years, they still remember Sparkly Sparkly Crazy Hair — the fun, goofy, off-the-cuff invention of my husband — and they’ve kept her. {Pretty amazing considering how many preschool toys have been donated and/or sent the way of a garage sale.}

Maybe you’re like me — the mom who all too often takes the weight of the world onto her shoulders and feels she doesn’t have time to play. Have you ever looked on wonderingly as your husband {or babysitter, or parent} gets down on the floor and just plays?

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to just let the laundry pile, and the dishes sag sideways in the sink, and the emails and notifications stack up unread?

Join me over at Life Your Way today, where I talk about how freeing it can be to start saying “yes” to play.

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