{(in)Courage Guest Post:} Nourish-Worship & The Perfect Apple Pie

{(in)Courage Guest Post:} Nourish-Worship & The Perfect Apple Pie

The blood of Christ shed for you, Beth.

I like it when the communion assistant knows my name. I lift my slim rim to meet the silver V of the chalice.

I say Amen and tilt the sliver of plastic, that liquid ruby sliding down, over wafer crumbs still in my mouth.

This soul feast—it’s what’s to sustain me in the week to come. But I’m never quite sure if I do it right.

Is this the day? The day I feel communion take hold in my body? The time the wafer and wine feed me weeklong, nourish me, make me more Christ-like?

I try the quick ACTS formula before communion, thinking it might ready my soul better, though worship during worship always seems better suited to the childless.

Adoration: God, I praise you, for you are mighty. Your wonders never cease.
Dispense raisin handfuls.

Confession: Dear Lord, there are so many ways I’ve failed you this week. I’ve been impatient, selfish, snapped at my kids, didn’t love my husband as I should. I’m sorry. Please forgive
Retrieve matchbox car under the pew to quell rising squeal from 3 1/2 -year-old.

Thanksgiving: God, your blessings are many. You give us so much ...
Admonish 8-year-old for all-too-audible “is church almost over?”

Supplication: …
The usher finally clears his throat; I’m not sure how long he’s been waiting for us to retrieve our cups.

Join me for the rest of the story {and the recipe for the Perfect Apple Pie} over at (in)Courage today?

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