Monday Muse: It’s Really The Light.

Monday Muse: It’s Really The Light.

It’s really the light that I associate most with the month of September. Thick, fat shafts of it– rich, warm, infinitely golden. The air is still warm, yet the blunted edges of humidity have dissipated, leaving behind a precise crispness.

In the midst of all this honeyed light, I love the balance provided by the sharper, more crystalline focus –courtesy of the lowered humidity. It’s days like this I feel I can see every molecule defined in the landscape—powerful HD after the murky heat of summer.

And, then, it’s the light. Did I mention September light?

I feel awash in light, floating, molten, fluid.

I’ve taken to sitting by our creek in the afternoon when I can steal the time. Not on the deck; not in the yard; but on the other side of the chain-link fence in the cheap, stained plastic chair, inches from the dropoff.

Yesterday I saw two Canadian geese and three ducks. I stared at water eddying around rocks, white birches reaching to the sky, their bark a shock of white next to the vibrant green tip-leaves and luminous blue sky, leaves twirling giddily down, like little girls in full skirts. 

I’m working on less and practicing slow. I’m finding beauty everywhere. I’m thinking joy can be a daily habit, not a once-a-season flash of brilliance.

This nice little 3 to 3:30 p.m. sunlight marinade seems wasteful, I know. This slow hypnosis of water current and leaf breeze is decadent.

But, I know it’s working when my mind finally quiets. My limbs grow slack, my lips part, my gaze eventually dulls. I feel totally relaxed.

Be still and know that I am God,

my mind says, somehow finding the perfect words for the moment.

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