Late Color

Late Color

The maple in the backyard has exceeded expectations.

The other trees flamed early and subsided in fabulous crunches of gold. But, this late changer — she held her color. In fact, we began to think she’d never turn. We assumed her dull.

Now, in mid-November, our hillsides hold interweavings of branch — finely textured tapestries of brown on brown — with the occasional shaft of sycamore white. Some rich oak leaves still cling. They catch the crisp chill sun, offer their elegant, lacquered, nut-brown gleam.

But, She.

autumn glory 2

Our autumn glory, a sentinel of scarlet.

All the more treasured for her impeccable timing.

singular spire in our landscape, a heart-catch of glory each morning, positioned directly outside our bathroom window upstairs, and our kitchen window downstairs.

She’s holding her leaves longer than her earlier relations, and we awake to her beauty fresh each day — an “oh” of loveliness that  always delights.

My husband’s loaded the feeders again, a small cylinder in autumn glory and a larger wooden feeder and two-ear corn holder in the neighboring maple. Bushy-tailed gray squirrels and bold blue jays arrive daily. Cardinals flash in, their twin red moving along with the scarlet brilliance of the slowly falling leaves.

I’ve been fingering worries like creek-stones in my pockets. Though I’ve been savoring peace and joy after a season of transient sadness, I can’t help but question if I shouldn’t be Doing More or Better.

autumn glory 3

Stillness is a radical calling in this frantic world.

This morning, I let the dart of red and blue take my vision, feed it with pure, saturated color. I give my cluttered mind and heart over to the busy activity and let God’s creatures carry my to-do’s and should-do’s and spool them out into nothing.

I rise from my window-side seat, heart renewed, mind quieted, soul dripping with color.

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  1. “I’ve been fingering worries like creek-stones in my pocket” Oh, Beth! That is gorgeous and sad and perfect, and I can completely relate; I have my own stones in my pockets. I am starting to think that we are supposed to have them though, just ride out those worries, give them to God, over and over and over…so we need Him, so we turn to Him. So thankful for your open, sharing heart that ALWAYS makes me feel less alone in this world:)
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