Life, Unfiltered

Life, Unfiltered

I bend low to gather them to me. These late summer bloomers.

I could cut them, certainly, heap them about luxurious. But today, I collect their pixels.

It’s not long before I realize something’s wrong. It’s not just my faulty focusing; the lens filter is blurry. I rub at it impatiently with the hem of my t-shirt. No luck.

I unscrew it, leaving my lens wide open and exposed — there’s no protective glass covering it. If I stumble and fall, knock my camera to the ground, it will surely shatter.

Yet, I click the shutter and check the viewfinder, satisfied. The color shines through, saturated, rather than muted and smudged.


black eyed susans

rose of sharon


And I think, sometimes we have to choose life, filter-free.

Some days, we have to choose the richness of beauty. We have to reach past the dirty dishes, crying toddlers, physical aches and pains, ugly words, and choose to pull up lovely strong.

We choose to lift faces to our Lord, and let the veil fall aside.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of you, my tens of readers {as my friend and fellow blogger Crystal Stine says}, and asking myself what I want for you. It’s hard to narrow down, because I wish to encourage you in so many ways. But here’s one, totally unedited, that I dashed off late last night to my in-real-life friend and reader, Beth. She liked it, and I hope you will too.

I want women to see God’s beauty everywhere around them and share it. I want them to recognize and revel in beauty daily — in the mundane and messy, but also in the places beauty lives extravagantly, but we so often forget to even look up… in white fringed hosta blossoms that smell like tropical gardenias, in double rainbows after two weeks of rain, in the clarion voice of a friend sharing words of sweet encouragement, in the tear-sting heart twinge of meeting Jesus smack in the middle of your kitchen.

Reader, I wish you beauty today. The beauty that means so much because you choose it when you lift your heart high.


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  1. Lovely words for what’s been a rough week for me. My husband and I were talking last night after another frustration erupted with our vacation rental property – and despite the conflict and emotional chaos in our life, we have witnessed beauty. And I’m so thankful for that. And friends like you.
    Kristin Taylor recently posted..{Out of the Blue} Their words are Jesus to meMy Profile

  2. Beautiful post and pictures. God creates in so many amazing ways and sometimes we have to just step back and see His beauty even among our messes!!
    Kristin Smith recently posted..Five Minute Friday – WorshipMy Profile

  3. Lovely 🙂 The “tens of readers” made me smile today 🙂
    Kimberly recently posted..5 Minute Friday – WorshipMy Profile

  4. A wonderful reminder to stop and take it all in, give thanks for He who created all this beauty…

  5. Oh my goodness! Your wish for your readers had me in tears. Beautiful! I love, love what you wrote. Your post and your photos…let’s just say I’m so glad you came by my place recently (through Lisa’s) and brought me here. Lifting my heart high!
    Beth (@SimplyBeth3) recently posted..The Heart of WorshipMy Profile

  6. Robin Harakal Janis :

    I love this… “life unfiltered”…leaving you lens..(heart) wide open and exposed…no protective covering…if you stumble and fall, the “lens” could shatter…… Isn’t that how we feel sometimes? If we are real…. if we exposed the whole truth of who we are or how overwhelmed we are feeling in the moment… took down the walls (the lens we project or see through).. and just stood there in our truly authentic selves, we might shatter with vulnerability.
    I love this post… I felt that way for soooo many years… it is where I met Christ…. and realized how protected and truly loved I was. and that I did not have to live my life “filtered” for the rest of the world…:)
    And when I lifted up my head… saw all the beauty I had been missing for so long… as He took my hand and we went for a walk, I was awakened to the most important things of all…. Thank you so much for this wonderful beautifully written post my friend.. Blessings

  7. Lovely photos and words. Thank you for sharing them with us.
    Debi @ recently posted..5 Reasons Not To Throw In The Blogging TowelMy Profile

  8. I love Blacked Eyed Susans… they are my favorite along with Sunflowers. Your flower pictures are stunning, worth the nervousness of taking the filter off. You are a photographer my friend 🙂
    Lisa @ FSL recently posted..Comment on Communuion of community by Lisa KernerMy Profile

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