{Creativity Series} Guest Post: Created to be Creative

{Creativity Series} Guest Post: Created to be Creative

Today I am honored to welcome Christian author Kathy Howard, who is guest posting today on how God — the ultimate artist — has created us in His image. Kathy also snapped this lovely photo that accompanies the post.

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Craft time was always my favorite part of Vacation Bible School. Milk carton bird houses. Popsicle-stick picture frames. Tissue-paper stained-glass windows. I fashioned all these works of art and more. It took only a bit of creativity and a lot of Elmer’s Glue.

As I grew, so did my love for “crafts.” I tried everything from sand art to hooked rugs to cross-stitch. Unfortunately, I only finished half the first rug, but cross-stitching actually stuck well into my thirties. I made several things for our first home and even gifted quite a few “masterpieces.”

After all three kids came along, I traded needlework for scrapbooking. Crafting and preserving precious memories was the perfect creative outlet for me! My scrapbooking fervor lasted until God called me to seminary. School and study replaced scrapbooking. Now I craft through writing.

The compulsion to creatively express oneself is common to all humans. Art in its various forms crosses all cultures and languages. Wherever we find people we find artistic expression.

Humans are creative beings by nature because the Creator made us in His image (Genesis 1:26-27). When we create – when we freely demonstrate our artistic bent — we reflect the nature of God to the world. God’s divine stamp can be seen in our handiwork. And our God is definitely creative.

Consider the created world. From the heavens to the depths of the ocean, God’s artistic hand can be seen. He painted the Northern Lights across the night sky. He sculpted Devil’s Tower that rises like a sentinel in Wyoming. He designed our DNA with such brilliance and intricacy it cannot be duplicated.

Writer, poet, architect, engineer, sculptor, designer, and scientist. God is all this and more. I would even say He has a wild imagination. Have you taken a good look lately at the aardvark? Or the Venus Fly Trap?

God is the ultimate, perfect artist, and He made us in His image. Sadly, like everything else in our world, art and the creative process have been touched by sin. They can be perverted and abused. Countless examples surround us. As believers, we have an obligation to glorify God with everything we create.

So whether you eat or drink or (create) whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31, NIV

When followers of Christ creatively express ourselves through art to the glory of God, our creation is an offering of praise to our God. Our art stands as a testimony to the One who instilled our creativity.

Whatever your artistic passion, it is God-given for His glory. Let those creative juices flow as an act of worship to our creative God.

Have you ever considered your art an act of worship? How does knowing your creativity reflects God’s image change the way you approach your art?

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Kathy Howard helps women live an unshakeable faith for life by encouraging them to stand firm on our rock-solid God no matter the circumstances of life. The author of five books, Kathy has a Masters in Christian Education and a certificate in women’s ministry. She has been teaching the Bible for over 25 years and speaks regularly at women’s retreats and events. Kathy and her husband live in the Houston area and have three children, a son-in-law, and one precious grandbaby. Find out about her books and speaking ministry and get discipleship tools and leader helps at her website: www.kathyhoward.org.

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  1. Elizabeth, thank you for inviting me to share with your readers today. I love this series! God has so generously gifted His people!

  2. So glad to have you here, Kathy! I don’t always think about art as worship, but I love that concept. It’s rather freeing, isn’t it? Because God doesn’t critique our worship; He’s just glad we are there, praising Him, in our own imperfect way.
    seasonswithsoul recently posted..{Creativity Series} Guest Post: Created to be CreativeMy Profile

  3. What an beautiful view! Creativity is so new to me that just love hearing it explained in all these different ways!
    Christine Wright recently posted..Just Crazy Enough {A Guest Post}My Profile

  4. I loved all those VBS crafts, too, Kathy. Good memories. 🙂

    I agree with you that when we create art, it reflects glory back to our Father. He put it in us and we honor Him when we use it.

    Great thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love thinking of the art I do as an act of worship, of expressing ourselves creatively as an offering of praise. So in keeping with our instruction to do everything as unto our wonderful Lord. How I wish I was a scrapbooker. That is a long lasting gift for generations to come. Bless you!
    Elise Daly Parker recently posted..Song Is a Joyful Noise and a Whole Lot More!My Profile

  6. This is such a great reminder, Kathy. As we create, we bring glory to our creative Maker, Himself. That inspires me to get out the popsicle stix, a can of spray paint, or my journal! I hope I can stir that passion in my kids as they choose their path.

  7. Love this, Kathy! {And love that I was able to connect you and Elizabeth!} I also appreciated how you shared the ways your creative expression changed through the seasons of your life. I’ve noticed that in myself and it makes me feel better that someone else is that way too! 🙂
    Teri Lynne Underwood recently posted..Dear Weary Mom, You Are Seen!My Profile

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