Sycamore Lovely

Sycamore Lovely

She was broken, she said. A mess. Marred by her past choices, battered by life, wholly imperfect. She knew God had promised to return the years the locusts had eaten, but she just couldn't see how.

She confessed all this last winter in a rush of sadness, frustration, and despair in our online community: How can God possibly use me?

I thought of it, in the mornings as I brushed my teeth, washed my face, dried my hair. Behind me rose the sycamore tree, majesty just outside our bathroom window. White shining against winter blue sky, sparkling in those rare days of sun.

I thought of her. And, though I had not yet seen her {aside from a small thumbnail photo}, all I could picture was beauty. She was sycamore loveliness, you see. The trunk all thick with dark bark. But, the taller she grew, the bark sloughed off and left the bare, the worn-off, the skyward-reaching.

Those snowy branch-tips. White, pure, lovely.

You see, she was already being used by Him, and I saw that beauty firsthand. Christine became our community's cheerleader, encourager, and prayer team leader. She was always there with her infectious laugh, a spot-on scripture reference, or just an uncanny presience when she might be needed … for just about anything.


I met Christine in July, a few months after a new and unexpected dream had taken hold in her heart. And, I've been privileged to watch her dream grow. Today, launches. I'm honored to be a contributing writer and faithful cheerleader for the site.

Here's what the blog is about, in Christine's words:

A place to find encouragement for any size dream. A group of sisters who will stop, drop, and pray when necessary. A web site that could remind us of the Truth when the lies seem so loud. A place where dreams set sail. A place where we know our sails are not filled by might or by power, but by His Spirit. {See Zechariah 4:6}

I hope you'll visit me there often and join in this community. I have gotten to know every single contributor personally over the past year. We have not all met in person, but we exchange voice messages, emails, texts, and snail mail. We Hangout together on Google. We pray together. We cry together. These women are the real deal. And whether you are new to God-sized dreams, or a seasoned dreamer, I know you will find a warm and vibrant community here.


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  1. Oh Elizabeth! So blessed to have met you…and thankful to be continuing the dream journey with you.
    Elise Daly Parker recently posted..God is OmnipresentMy Profile

  2. I am so very thankful that you are part of this journey…your words, your heart, YOU…just beautiful. And, Christine? Yes. I couldn’t have said it better myself. She is such a gift. You both are. Love to you!

  3. This was absolutely beautiful. So thrilled to have you on this journey with us and have you teach me about simple beauty like handmade shea butter and sprouted grains 🙂
    Gindi recently posted..The Great Clean Out/Up/Order of 2013My Profile

  4. OH, Elizabeth – warn a girl next time, will you?!! I had to regain myself before I could even type I was crying so hard. Maybe that’s why God made sure I didn’t have any time to put on make up today! 🙂

    What a beautiful post. Thank you. Friend, you are such a gift – to all of us and I am SO excited that this is another way for your words to be read by many. Love you!!
    Christine Wright recently posted..When a Dream Comes True!My Profile

  5. Elizabeth,
    You nailed it. All of it. Christine. Us. God.
    I love you and your gift and though we’ve never laid eyes on, YOU ARE MY GIRL.
    Peace and good,
    One of the Wild 99

  6. You have a beautiful blog. I look forward to following along.
    Barbie recently posted..Counting to See!My Profile

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