Chalkboard Scripture

Chalkboard Scripture

Thanks to some post-holiday blog surfing, I came upon a tutorial about how to do chalkboard art. Here’s my stab it at.

{Thanks to Barb at Second Chance to Dream where I got the idea, and Nest of Posies, who offers the full tutorial!}


Dear God, Thanks a Lot

Dear God, Thanks a Lot

These were my prayer-arrows sent haphazardly at God a couple of Wednesdays ago:

Thanks for the dog poop in the yard.
Thanks for my sweaty workout clothes and needs-to-be-washed hair.
Thanks for the entrails of nearly all my closets spread out over my house as the closet organization guys saw and pound all day long.
Thanks for no nap time for my 2 1/2-year-old.
Thanks for more work than I have time to do.
Thanks for the third pair of Lightning McQueen underwear I’ve had to put in the laundry bin today, because my toddler didn’t quite make it to the potty on time.

It was a crazy day. Blessed but messy, and particularly chaotic. The type of day that usually has me twisted up into knots, perfection-seeking, frantic, grumpy, pointless.

That morning, I had read a little passage in Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence by Sarah Young. Just a snatched bit of a devotion, in between getting dressed and getting two girls out the door to school. But, one phrase stuck with me: “When many things seem to be going wrong. trust me. … Thank me for everything, though this seems unnatural.”

Thanking God for things going wrong was a novel thought for me. As I went through me day, I saw ample opportunity to complain or feel defeated. Instead, I thanked God, a lot.

And, guess what? A funny thing happened. I felt peace, even happiness.

I saw blessed beauty — even in the jagged, spotted, fallen leaves, the dying summer plants, the untidy backyard I trod and trod as my toddler ran and ran in the seemingly interminable afternoon of no nap.

As we played outside, I pulled out my camera. Through its lens, I found unique perspectives on what was beautiful and worth treasuring. (In fact, all of the photos included in this post were taken that day.)

And, I kept up with my thanks-prayers.

Thanks, God, for the fact that I appear to have saved so many useless things that are now spread out over the guest room/nursery and I have to somehow have to sort through/donate/put away. Thanks, God, for two-hour swim team practices and trying to put dinner on the table beforehand, while simultaneously doing homework with two elementary-school kids and trying to keep their little brother happy.

I’m still at it. Two weeks later. I have unfolded laundry in a basket at my feet, dusty tables in my family room, and dishes in my sink.

But, God is in my heart.

Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord,always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 5:19-20


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Why Seasons with Soul?

Why Seasons with Soul?

For those of you just finding your way here today, on re-launch day, I thought I’d let you know a little about me and the blog.

I started Seasons with Soul because I’m on a personal journey toward more intentional living that I’d like to share with you.

While I’m still figuring it all out (and probably always will be), intentional living looks something like this for me:

Choosing to live and love in  harmony with God’s will and my life priorities.

Choosing reflective over reactive.

Choosing creative over fastidious.

I’m choosing to live in season. Choosing to do what’s right in this stage, or season, of my life, as Ecclesiastes 3:1 says. Choosing to jump in a pile of leaves with my kids, over organizing my basement. Choosing to blow bubbles with my two-year-old over doing dishes.

I’m passionate about seasonal living and celebrating the beauty of God’s world. I talk about my childhood growing up on a small farm in Southeastern Ohio in my first post, back in August, and how each season had its own charm and how we reveled in it. Now, I share my love of nature in each season with my own family. We’re avid cooks, gardeners, hikers, crafters, and photographers, and we can’t wait to share our adventures with you.




Seasons with Soul Re-Launch Day!

Seasons with Soul Re-Launch Day!

Thanks for stopping by. I’m so glad you’re here!

Though I’ve been blogging off and on for the past few years–and regularly since late summer, today is my official re-launch day. I’m unveiling a new look and professional design, thanks to the team at BSETC. I’m also hosting a week of giveaways and getting geared up to really get to know you all!

I’ll be posting the first giveaway today at noon, so check back, or connect with me on FacebookPinterest, or Twitter. You can also subscribe so the latest posts are delivered directly to your inbox.

Want to know what I’m all about?

Here’s Seasons with Soul in a nutshell:  Think of it as a little space just for you– a place to rest, relax, and renew. A place to get comfy. A place to check your expectations and your to-do list at the door.

Here’s some of what you’ll find on the blog:

Something Beautiful

This is the place for soul candy, brain candy, and eye candy. Here I’ll share inspirational quotes and scripture, my favorite seasonal photos, and original poetry.

Something Thoughtful

I get thoughtful at the beginning of the week with Monday Muses–my take on devotionals, with a real-world twist.

Something Tasty

Get your spoon and fork ready to dig into recipes, or just any old food thing. I love to cook and eat, and my husband’s an avid gardener. We’ll be sure to have something yummy on hand for you each season.

Something Helpful

Ready to learn something new? I love to teach others about my crazy hobbies and random interests. Looking to delve deeper into an aspect of your spiritual life? This is the place to go. I can’t wait to learn more with you!




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