{Guest Post at The MOM Initiative:} The Done Vs. The Doing

{Guest Post at The MOM Initiative:} The Done Vs. The Doing

A few ladies gather around our little group of four at the end of the rows of tables. They oooooh and aaaah over our photos. They finger our ribbon and paper stacks. They stare curiously at the digital diecutting machine.

“Oh, I could never do this,” they say to us, and we laugh. We are scrapbookers, and to us –the minority here at this crafty ladies weekend retreat full of quilters – cropping photos and slicing paper is easy work. {On the other hand, we remain largely mystified by applique and seams.}

Yet, we find a common thread — if you’ll excuse the pun — in our work. It’s never done.

We quickly get around to commiserating about half-finished quilts, never-completed baby books, and the mass of daily life that piles up before we can get around to properly documenting it, or draping it in fabric.

But, is this obsession with getting the work done serving us well? Is the ambition to complete a list of projects, or play a constant game of catch-up even the point at all?

Join me over at The Mom Initiative for the rest of the story today?

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