The Problem With Church

The Problem With Church

I imagine we all know Church People. They’re your friends, co-workers, neighbors, spouses. They attend church regularly, but they don’t talk God. {They believe faith is intensely personal and private, so they’re not comfortable talking about it.}

Since they’re not comfortable talking God {and certainly not Jesus}, it’s difficult to know where they stand in faith terms. It’s all a bit fuzzy.

But you think if you can make statements like these, you should be able to infer faith:

  • They’ve been raised in the church.
  • They think church is important.
  • They want to raise their children in the church.
  • They give to the church.
  • They attend church events.
  • They volunteer at church.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? In fact, all of these statements apply to me. And, in reality, they mean nothing.

Not unless these statements can be made of me first:

  • I believe in God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • I think God is not just “important,” but the one thing I can’t live without.
  • I want to raise my children in God.
  • I want to give to God.
  • I want to serve God wherever He calls me {including, but not limited to, church}.

Placing church over God is fuzzy faith. It’s faith that’s unclear to others around us – both believers and non-believers alike. It’s faith limited to an institution, bound by human limitations, diluted. It’s Chrisitianity “lite.”  It shows bystanders a lot about where you go and what you do, but not who you are and what means most to you.

Just look at what happens when we put Church Faith over God Faith.

When this happens, we talk church first, God later {if at all}. On the other hand, God Faith always proclaims His majesty up front, loud and clear. {In fact, when you know someone with God Faith, you may not even think to ask their denomination, because it simply doesn’t matter.}

Compare Church Living with God Living. Those preoccupied with Church Living will focus on what they want to/need to/should do for the Church.  Those who practice God Living have the astonishing honor of communing directly with the heart of God. They receive and accept God’s heady invitation to live out a faith as boundless, infinite, powerful, wild, and beautiful as their Creator.  {And, the wonderful news for the church is that those living God Faith are often called to serve their church community in amazing and creative ways.}

I don’t know about you, but if I have to choose between sharing my faith for an hour or two with a limited group of believers on a Sunday morning {Church Faith}, or taking that passion and message out into the world {God Faith} – well, I’ll take option two, thank you very much.

Because I know God appreciates Church Faith and Church Service, but only if we have our priorities straight. God first. Church second.

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  1. Powerful post, friend. I know people who are “church people”, who you can’t say “Jesus” around – they visibly bristle.

    And now, a completely, totally off topic message…I’ve been running around so crazy that i’ve not had the time to read your posts but girl, you are gifted. Truly. You are let by the Spirit. Do not ever stop. Don’t fall for the lies of the enemy. It’s obvious why he would want to stop you in your tracks b/c your messages are POWERFUL. (And you might not see this b/c you live with you – if that makes sense!! So, your writing might not seem like any big deal – like if it were gone who would notice – WRONG, so, so WRONG!) So every time he tries, get mad and keep going. God is using you in big ways, ways you don’t even know and is preparing you for even more. SO much more, friend. Promise me you’ll do that, even on days you don’t “feel” it or believe it, or whatever. Because it’s true.

    Phew. Ok, I’ll stop now!! Ha!! (And mercy, if you don’t plan to go to Allume next year, we might just kidnap you. I will miss laughing like a goof with my roommate!) : )
    Christine Wright recently posted..When God Asks You to do Crazy ThingsMy Profile

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