Small Plans, Big Love

Small Plans, Big Love

I’ve always been fascinated with the small. As a kid, I collected tiny things in pouches and boxes—little bells, diminutive glass animals, miniature baskets, petite cups and saucers smaller than my pinkie nail. Every time we went into Wendelkens’s store in Marietta, I’d walk up and down the creaky, oiled wood floors and search for tiny treasures. This one-of-kind general store/gift shop stocked a bit of everything—housewares, cards, gifts, imported candies, glassware, groceries — and felt more like a store from the 1920s than the 1980s. {How I loved that place!}

Then there was my wooden dollhouse, painstakingly assembled by my dad and grandpa during a snowstorm which kept us all housebound. My mom helped me wallpaper it and make tiny curtains. We furnished it with petite chairs and diminutive beds and pin-sized silverware. We used florist tape and shaped it with scissors to look like ferns. We bought FIMO clay and made pretend fruit. I’d play with the dollhouse for hours, but sometimes I’d just peer through its windows instead and dream I was tiny myself and could walk through those rooms.

dollhouse 2


When I filled out the application form for Holley Gerth’s God-sized Dream Team and had to list my God-sized Dream, I went small, and it was good. I’m a writer, and I’ve always known anything I’d pursue with God would largely involve the written word. But, let me tell you, I often have Big plans, Big ambitions, and Big frustrations when real life only allows for small steps. I have notebooks and papers and computer files filled with dozens of different writing projects I want to pursue.

But, I have a daughter with a chronic illness, an active two-year-old boy, a 9-year-old daughter, and a husband that travels. And, I just launched this blog in October, right in the midst of our 7-year-old’s diagnosis and first hospital stay.  {And, as I write this, I’m sitting in the admissions office of Children’s Hospital, waiting for our room for our monthly overnight stay for my daughter’s IV treatments.}

dollhouse 3

My God-sized dream {right now} is to write a children’s picture book.  As I wrote last week, my overarching goal is to let my voice be heard {and that will include whatever God calls me to in life}. But, for now, I have dreams of a gorgeously illustrated Christian picture book—one with animals and trees and flowers and nature facts and a Spirit-centered message. A book that entertains with lush, but simple language, that inspires little conversations about big faith, and that quietly informs about nature and beauty and God’s goodness in this world.

It will be a small project in the scheme of this big wide world and all the big things the big doers do, but it will loom large in my heart.

Holley challenged us God-sized Dreamers to take one small step in her e-book, “Do What You Can” Plan, The (Ebook Shorts): 21 Days to Making Any Area of Your Life Better this past week and to come back here now, and report on it. I have to admit, I’ve been slowly but surely taking little steps on this book already — I’ve printed out research and jotted down notes and ideas. This week, I met with my pastor to brainstorm, did a bit of writing, and committed to pray specifically, daily, for this project.

Are you taking small steps toward God,
or a God-sized dream, in your life? 

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  1. And beautiful it will be! Keep dreaming and even things that seem small will be used by God in a mighty way!
    Kristin Taylor recently posted..{God-sized dreams} One small thing at a timeMy Profile

  2. I can’t wait to see this book in print. A good friend of mine – her 80+ year old mom became a children’s book author. She made songs she wrote years ago into a story. Then she took art lessons and illustrated it herself. She is such an inspiration to me because it just goes to show, it’s never too late to realize your dream! 🙂

  3. Beautiful! Love your heart for your family, for you dream, and for our God. Keep on writing!

  4. Wow.. don’t know how you juggle all that! what a woman of God. I feel so blessed and honored to be your dream buddy and pray for you and dream with you. Please feel free to ask me anything to specific to help at any time. What an awesome dream and idea.. I for one want the first copy! i love to look at beautiful pictures. it makes my soul come alive. Praying for you buddy

  5. Oh, I’m super-excited for your dream!! We are all HUGE readers and my son has a great love for books. In fact, over the years, I’ve enjoyed purchasing books for him more than for myself. I’m confident God will complete the work He’s started in your heart.
    Stefanie Brown recently posted..All Things MEANS All Things…My Profile

  6. Yes! I’m looking forward to seeing this dream unfold and become reality.
    Jennifer recently posted..Free Kindle Book: Beyond the Storm (Quilts of Love Series)My Profile

  7. Elizabeth- I love how you realize that your Big Dream comes with Big plans, ambitions and frustrations. Thanks for the reminder that God calls us to small steps…praying for you as you pursue this dream of a children’s book. I love the photos of your dollhouse…I imagined you writing a children’s book with the house as your backdrop. 🙂
    Kel Rohlf recently posted..Mission: The Act of SendingMy Profile

  8. I love how vivid your post brought back memories for me. I too was that little girl with a doll house. I will pray for God to continue preparing your heart for authoring a children’s book. I pray that God will place words on pages that all little children need to hear. I will also pray for marriage, your strength, your daughter’s healing and for your other children. God has placed you on the God Sized Dream Path for a reason. Seek and He will show.

  9. Elizabeth, this dream – the love of children’s literature and a desire to share Word & Spirit truth to little hearts – it is near and dear to me. I love your open-handed offering of this dream. Beautiful.

  10. Not sure how I missed this last week! A children’s book! How wonderful!! Sending you creative vibes for this endeavor. I’m sure you will be successful with this, especially since you have 3 little ones to give you honest feedback! 🙂 Good luck in your God Sized Dream!


  1. […] My pastor. I nervously shared my blog launch plans with my pastor this fall and sent her the link when the site went live. I was so honored when she shared, a few days later, that my blog had resonated with her. Since then, she’ll send an encouraging note from time to time, has shared my blog with others in our congregation, and is helping me brainstorm themes and scriptures for my God-sized dream project. […]

  2. […] And, I still love that dream line, because it describes my overarching goal, no matter what specific form it might take. But, I know you want details, and I won’t disappoint. When I applied for Holley’s team back in late fall 2012, I chose two of many goals — start an Etsy shop and write a children’s picture book. […]

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