Learning Trust In Murky Waters

Learning Trust In Murky Waters

I take his hand in mine, and off we wade.

Here, the current is stronger; tugs ankles, pulls at shoes. Translucent brown water swallows our feet, calves, then thighs, as we approach our destination – a cluster of rocks in the creek’s center.

I dart for floating-away Crocs multiple times, and then it happens. I can’t see where I’m stepping, and the creek bed is rocky and uneven, the current yanking at us. I lose my balance and practically sit down in the creek. {There go the clean shorts.}

But, I quickly regain my footing, and my five-year-old buddy is still firmly attached to my hand, and upright.

“Mommy!” he says suddenly {though his mommy stands on the bank, out of sight, having a murky water phobia}.

“I’m here,” I reply gamely.

“I’m afraid of sharks.”

“There are no sharks here,” I tell him with conviction.

Join me over at author Kathy Howard’s blog today for the rest of the story.

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