What My Recurring Dream Wants To Tell You

What My Recurring Dream Wants To Tell You

I have a recurring dream. Or, maybe I should call it a recurring theme.

I’m wandering through our house, and I stumble on something new. I don’t uncover a misplaced bauble; I discover a whole new wing. A secret passage to a dim, candlelit room that looks like it harkens from the 1800s. A dark and vast basement storeroom with dirt floors and damp towers of boxes – overflowing with old stuff that belongs to our family {that I somehow never knew existed before}. A dusty attic packed with antiques – enough to open our own store. {I make a mental note to call my sister and mom right away; we used to antique regularly before kids, and, boy, are they going to be pumped!}

old house 2

I’ve been making these dream discoveries since I was a child.

And, I’ve always assumed they stem from my love of the old, the historic, the antique. I just supposed they’re my subconscious’ way of fulfilling this purely material longing for cool, old stuff. Or– as I’m coming to realize — not.

Sometimes I wake, thinking: Thank goodness that wasn’t real, because what a lot of work that would be. Or, That was exciting, but kind of creepy.

old house 1

Other times, I’m disappointed to be stuck with my home, devoid as it is of secret rooms and trash-or-treasure secret stashes.

Experts tell us that recurring dreams represent messages from our subconscious to our conscious. Perhaps, they suggest, you should examine the dream, find out what it’s trying to tell you.

My dream discoveries are usually dim, dark, and need work. I’m often exhilarated by the potential, but it’s buried in lots of dust and, likely, even more junk. Yet, a message begins to emerge.

It sounds something like this:
Dear Beth, I’m sorry I have to keep hitting you over the head with these weird dreams, but you’re just not getting it.
I need you to know how much you have to offer.
You can’t be afraid of a little dirty work; just think of what you’ll have once you truly explore your deepest recesses.
Think of what you can offer others.
Think of how much more you have within you and how you can use this to serve your God.

church at night

And, now I’ll repeat it for you, sweet reader, because you probably need to hear it too:

Your Lord has equipped you with deep, dark, mysterious, and beautiful riches – your attics and cellars are brimming with raw, unpolished potential, loose for the taking. Take it. Dig deep. Get your hands dirty.

There’s more to you than you ever imagined.

Sharing today with Laura, Jennifer, Crystal, and Jen.

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  1. Yes-this is something that I needed to hear today. Beautiful message.
    Alecia recently posted..In Your Strength (Day 9-ish)My Profile

    • You know, it seems like I have so little time to write these days, and when I wrote this yesterday, I already had two posts scheduled for this week — a good week for me, and it would’ve made “sense” to hold it for next week, where I don’t have anything nailed down. But I just felt this urge to post it right away, that someone just might need it *today*. So blessed you stopped by today 🙂
      seasonswithsoul recently posted..What My Recurring Dream Wants To Tell YouMy Profile

  2. Such good words today…I needed them. I’m writing/tweaking a book proposal, and gotta admit that it feels a little like the dirty work…or at least the not-so-fun. But it’s all part of the dream! Love this, friend…many blessings on your week! 🙂

  3. This is a beautiful metaphor about the working of God in our hearts.

  4. Fascinating post, Elizabeth…wonderfully narrated alongside some beautiful photography. Thank you for sharing!

    I’m reminded of those passages in Job 28: “Man sets an end to darkness, and he searches out the farthest bounds for the ore buried in gloom and deep darkness… But where shall Wisdom be found? And where is the place of understanding? Man knows not the price of it; neither is it found in the land of the living…” Only “God understands the way…” (Job 28:3,12-13,23, AMP).

    I’m visiting tonight from Soli Deo Gloria, where I also read your comment to Jen’s post with much concern. I’ve struggled with clinical depression for many years, and am also a woman of faith, so your words spoke directly to my heart. I recently started writing on the subject at my new site, http://inthehandsofthehealer.blogspot.com. (In particular, you might enjoy a poem I wrote on the intersection of depression and Grace: http://inthehandsofthehealer.blogspot.com/2013/10/day-10-colorblind.html.)

    With appreciation and prayers,
    Healed By His Wounds recently posted..Day 14: WoundedMy Profile

    • I’m so glad you visited and shared that Job passage. I also hopped over to your site. Such lovely photos and sentiments!
      Depression is a struggle for so many, and having some of these “low” moments myself over the past couple of months has given me a totally new perspective on how heart-breakingly hard this battle is for so many. Blessings, and keep up the good work on your new site.
      seasonswithsoul recently posted..{Guest Post: Photography Friday} The Photographer’s TemptationMy Profile

      • Thanks for these sweet blessings, Elizabeth. I really appreciate your stopping by, and also your encouragement… Thank you.

        It’s amazing how God redeems our pain. His gift of compassion is truly beautiful.

        God bless you this Sunday, and every day,

  5. This is incredibly beautiful, Elizabeth. Deep and rich, just like you.
    Jen Ferguson recently posted..FMF: LaundryMy Profile

  6. Elizabeth- I remember “meeting” you last year around this time as we were both blogging and searching for ways to express ourselves…your blog has become a beautiful place to share dreams and be real…I don’t always comment, but I think of you and this journey we’re on…your recurring dream speaks to me as I am pursuing His dream for me to teach others about the joys of art and discovering our created selves…a whole new adventure, I never dreamed of, but that God has spun out of the dark mystery of His will and my soul…amazing really…I think of you as a person who encourages creativity and exploring God’s mysteries…thanks for this post! I am going to print it out now for a special quiet day I planned with God later this month to visit my recurring dreams with Him!
    Kel Rohlf recently posted..Fast: To Abstain FromMy Profile

  7. I still have some of the same recurring dreams that I had as a child. Do you think I have an especially thick skull? 🙂 … I suppose that is quite likely.
    Jennifer Lee recently posted..Hope for the Dark and Hard Days (And a Book Giveaway)My Profile

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