"Putting technology at the service of equality is essential," says Jordi Hereu, head of Hispasat at AULA UNIR.

“Putting technology at the service of equality is essential,” says Jordi Hereu, head of Hispasat at AULA UNIR.


“The possible is essential, necessary and necessary. I hope we do not miss the opportunity to put technology at the service of equality,” he said. Head of Hispasat, Jordi Hereuin new session CLASS UNITheld this Monday in the rectory of the International University of La Rioja (UNIR).

After our rector’s presentation CONNECTION, Jose Maria Vazquez Garcia-PenuelaHereu dedicated his speech to underline the role that satellites have and will have as a technology that makes it possible to universalize digital connectivity, as a condition for digitization and progress in countries.

“Thanks to Spain, Hispasat and all of its space technology, we are at the European decision-making tables where space strategies are set and promoted. We have to join forces, but the space commitment this country made 30 years ago has now come to fruition and allows us to combine efforts in a European context. Undoubtedly, China Between the US and other blocs, Europe either joins their efforts or frankly we have some problems in the space industry world,” he added. he said, pointing to Hereu.


In the session, Hereu emphasized that the biggest advantage of Hispasat is: “For example, you can change the life of a community in a remote town in Ecuador with a router and an antenna. Because we already have a large part of the investment. 36,000 kilometers away. It is an accelerator of social and economic development. This That’s why I think it’s very important that we help the whole continent from Europe.”

In particular, Hereu made a call about how important it is to contribute our experience to speed up the process in Latin America, where there are “240 million unconnected people.” play”.

As for Spain, Hereu assured that “we may not have much to do as human beings, but we have a lot of work to do in hectares. There are many hectares where people do not live, but if digitalization happens”. , the transformation of our production model can be realized. And so there is a whole productive revolution waiting in Spain, in which we are working”.

“It’s a huge challenge that we’re all called to face. And we’re going to do it based on the aggregate of efforts and the idea of ​​alliance. Hispasat won’t do it alone, it will do it together.” With UNIR, communities, companies and productive, cultural sectors* Hispasat presents itself as a tool at the service of this cohesion strategy”, Hereu explained while calling for an alliance for universal connectivity.

And, according to the former mayor of Barcelona, ​​this cooperation has a strategic dimension because “digital connectivity must be present at all tables on common challenges. Digital transformation accelerates development and many people can be lifted out of poverty. If managed properly”.


During the session, Hereu emphasized that the Spanish language is another great tool for connection and ensures that sessions like today are followed all over the world.

However, he assured us that we also have other things in common. “I strongly believe in the Atlantic axis that connects Ibero-America to Europe. It should unite us not just with language but with other things as well, because there are values ​​and worldviews that need to be defended and developed. It’s a freedom that requires equality to realize. That’s what we need to develop,” he said.

to the question Carlos PrietoHereu, director of the Center for Digital Transformation (CTD UNIR) and moderator of the event, described “technological knowledge as well as attitude” about what technical and human skills will be required for the technology sector. And he assured that “there is a lot of talent in Spain”.

Regarding cyber security, Hereu stated that the satellite is as secure as any other infrastructure, and in addition, it is flexible, powerful and universal. Despite this, he assured that it was important to “give the rules of the game in space and to establish a good strategy for secure communication”.

José Ignacio Pérez Sáenz, president of the Advisory Council of La Rioja; Pilar Vargas, Nuria Bazo and David Luquin, executive directors of the University and Scientific Policy, Rural Development and Demographic Challenge and Digital Progress, respectively, and Beatriz Nalda, education and youth councilor of the Logroño City Council, among others, political and business representatives and personalities of the La Rioja community.


This has been a new edition of the ‘AULA UNIR’ cycle, a space where the International University of La Rioja (UNIR) spreads the innovations and latest trends of organizations. The initiative was born with the aim of helping students of the University’s MBA programs better understand the surrounding reality through meetings with relevant people from the economic and business world.

It is part of a program that aims to bring entrepreneurs, managers, investors, financiers, analysts, leadership, talent or transformation professionals, universities and companies closer together and provide the keys to proper business management and its impact on society.

Jordi Sevilla, chairman of the UNIR Social Council and former Minister of Public Administration, has attended previous sessions of the cycle; Raül Blanco Díaz, Secretary General of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) at the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism; Juan Manuel Serrano, president of Correos Group; and David Martínez Montero, CEO of AEDAS Homes, one of Spain’s leading real estate companies.


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The teaching method adapted to the demands of the job market makes UNIR a real social lever that breaks down barriers and helps everyone achieve their dreams of university and advancement wherever they are.

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