Alicante Technology Forum plans to bring together around 10,000 people at more than 50 events

Alicante Technology Forum plans to bring together around 10,000 people at more than 50 events

  • Admission to the three events that make up the event program will be free: the convention, the gaming championship and the I Smartphone Film Festival.

Alicante, November 22, 2022. Alicante celebrates its great history of technology and innovation with the start of Alicante Technology Forum 2022 from November 29 to December 3 ( is the most important event ever held in the capital, bringing together technology, games and cinema.

The program includes fifty events designed for all audiences, which will attract approximately 10,000 people. The Plaza de Toros, which will share the stages with ADDA, MARQ, Puerta Ferrisa and the Alicante Water Museum, and where a large tent will be set up, will be the nerve center of the event.

Organized by the Alicante City Council from the New Technologies Department, the event aims to “make the city a technology capital, demonstrate the potential of companies and the Alicante ecosystem, and bring new technologies closer to citizens and companies”, Antonio Peral, Councilor of the Presidency, New Technologies and Project Coordination, said on Tuesday. explained in the presentation.

Peral emphasized that “all events are free and combined with free access and pre-registration depending on the capacity of the spaces.”


The Alicante Technology Forum is structured around three main themes. The first is the congress of the same name, which is more informative, where developments and experiences in the field of technology and innovation will be shared. Nearly 40 experts from companies, public administrations, organizations or universities, who meet national and international criteria in their fields, participate.

The second is a gaming competition called ATF Battle Arena, created specifically for the event. It will bring together 48 national and international players from 8 teams that made it to the quarter-finals in Alicante. Quarter-finals, semi-finals and final matches in Alicante will be played one-on-one by professional commentators, with matches broadcast from Plaza de Toros. This competition is based on the tactical shooter ‘Valorant’ and started online in October with 128 teams from different backgrounds.

The third theme of the event is the Smartphone Film Festival, which includes short film screenings, award ceremony and workshops on film techniques. The festival started its journey in January by opening the call for 150 short films made with smartphones.

Plaza de Toros will have a multifunctional space covering the entire ring, where all kinds of technology-related events will be combined: exhibitors, presentation of technological projects, Metaverso area, celebration of a gaming championship and projections of Smartphone Film Festival. A central stage will be set up surrounded by two stands with a capacity of 750 people, and there will be a circular exhibition area around it where the stands of all participating institutions and companies will be located.

It will also have a gastronomic area with Food Trails where food and beverage service will be made in the horse garden. Another area, called Pelouse, will be a relaxation area from a 500 square meter inner courtyard and a giant screen where competitions can be watched inside.

Saturday, December 3rd will be the most entertaining day for the family audience, with different events planned at Plaza de Toros.

Speakers and program

The Alicante Technology Forum will open at 12:00 on Wednesday, November 29 at ADDA with the corporate welcome of Alicante mayor Luis Barcala, and will be replaced by the inaugural conference of international speaker and lecturer Marc Vidal, who has been selected as ‘TOP20 Linkedin influencers’. Awarded among the ‘TopVoices Linkedin 2019’, ‘TOP100 Forbes Influencers’ and the best ‘TOP50 economics lecturer’.

Speakers include bestselling authors on entrepreneurship, innovation or talent such as José Almansa, journalist Marta García Aller, Francisco Estevan, José Manuel Leceta or Andrés Pedreño, who will share a roundtable on November 30 to talk about Ecosystems and Talent.

Lieutenant General Arturo Espejo Valero, currently in charge of the Civil Guard Support Command and a member of the Advisory Council of the “Hermes Institute”, will also attend, the top cybersecurity expert of the Civil Guard. Espejo Valero, along with other researchers, will share the December 2 roundtable: “Cybersecurity: why does Putin want to hack into your server?”

“The dangers and social and economic impact of cryptocurrencies” is the title of another roundtable, coordinated by Deloitte co-chair Fernando Ruiz, which will include, among others, security consultant and “Datanomics” author Paloma Llaneza or Jaime Garcia. cantero All belong to the Hermes Institute, a non-profit organization whose main goals are the advocacy of democratic principles and the development of the information society.

This organization identifies future trends, guides new references of thought, and expresses actions aimed at expanding public freedoms and civil rights into new social and economic areas by translating them into the digital world.

The meeting has a significant space for talents and companies from Alicante and companies from different business organizations such as the ELLIS Foundation, Jovempa or ALICANTEC and the science parks of the UMH and UA will participate in this way.

“The forum will promote the learning of digital skills and will help us understand and analyze the impact of technology on society,” said Antonio Peral, the field councilor who organized this meeting.

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