How to quickly and easily find out which laptop model you have?

How to quickly and easily find out which laptop model you have?

There is nothing worse than enjoying your favorite video game or doing important work. laptop unsuccessful. You’ll have to call tech to have them look at it, but… model exactly the same? what’s yours serial number?

If these doubts are bothering you and you’re not sure how to respond to them, we offer four solutions that will help you find the answer quickly and effortlessly, although that’s not the only reason you want to know this information.

If you are considering buying second hand gaming laptop or buy yours, knowing that this information will be useful and necessary to reach him.

Here are our four recommended ways to find out your laptop model or serial number:

Team tag, first step

The first thing to know is that the vast majority of laptops have a ticket Where you can see all the information about the equipment, including the model and serial number.

The positions may vary from one model to the next, but the most common is that they are in the front when we open the lid, or most commonly they are in the front. back.

Here you will find all the necessary information to know what equipment you have at hand and how to find all its features with a simple search on the Internet.

laptop serial number sticker

There are some models that hide the sticker if it is not visible for some reason. behind the batteryso you need to completely turn off the laptop, open the case and remove the battery.

Don’t worry if you haven’t found it yet, there’s more to find out, but if you’re buying a second-hand laptop and there’s little or no signs of the sticker being removed, be careful.

Find serial number thanks to command prompt

Windows It has many useful tools to know all the information of the system on which it is installed. Although it may seem complicated to use, “System icon”This window with commands is actually very simple.

To do this, simply press the button. “Windows” and write directly “System icon”. A window will open where you have to type the following command without any spaces between commas: wmic baseboard get product, manufacturer, version, serial number.

Know model with command prompt

This will provide you with the requested system information, including the serial number and the version or model of the equipment.

The image we show you is from a desktop PC, so it does not give a serial number.

Find out your laptop model with system information

If you don’t want to complicate your life using the command prompt, the best option you can make after looking at the equipment tag is the information provided by the operating system itself.

As time passes, the labels on it laptops Not only are they illegible, but they can also come off as the glue melts due to the heat the equipment may have.

A laptop model with system information

To do this, press “Windows” and write directly “System information”. This will open a window presenting a lot of information, the one that interests you, the one referenced. “System SKU”.

This parameter will give the full model of the system. You can see in the picture that it still does not give a specific value, but instead puts it. “Default string”because it’s a desktop.

The BIOS also informs you.

You are faced with the last but also the most effective way to know everything you need to know about your laptop. including your serial number and exact model. To do this, you will need to enter the BIOS, which is a fairly simple thing to do.

Restart the device from scratch or just restart the computer. Next, enter the BIOS by pressing F2 or ESC during boot, depending on the system selected by the manufacturer. In this way, a screen will appear with all the information that should include this and other parameters.

serial number of a laptop by bios

This is the last option you need to find the serial or model number of your laptop. It may be the most cumbersome but of course it is also the most effective.

And with these steps, you already know all the quick and easy ways to find out the serial number and model of your laptop. Although the first is the only one where you don’t need to keep your PC turned on, it’s also the one that will offer you the least possibility over time.

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