How to survive when the internet crashes and you need to use the PC?

How to survive when the internet crashes and you need to use the PC?

All laptops today come with a built-in Wi-Fi radio that allows them to connect to any wireless network anywhere. However, you may find that this happens over time, that it breaks down, or that you have a very old computer that has problems connecting with most modern routers. Whatever the case, we will help you in case of internet connection on laptop.

Having a wireless internet connection is essential nowadays, but sometimes this part fails or causes connection issues. What’s more, most new models designed to be light, ultra-thin and portable often lack network connectivity. In addition, having to depend on a cable completely breaks the portability concept of these computers. So we have to look for an alternative that eventually solves the problem.

What should I do if I stay on the Internet on a laptop?

This is important keep a USB stick at home in case, the problem is that many of them depend on a driver that usually comes in disc format. Today this is a nuisance, because many laptops have no readers and cannot access the Windows driver store because they do not have internet, obviously cannot connect to the network. In any case, there is a generic driver for such cases in the latest versions of the operating system.

other point Knowing how to choose USB stick to end internet on laptopToday these usually have two frequencies or access bands to connect to, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, so try to choose an option that meets both standards. And especially with antennas to improve the signal coverage relative to the router. Regarding the type of connection, try plugging it into the blue USB 3.0 ports of your laptop, as most achieve 600Mbps average speeds, well above the 480Mbps of USB 2.0.

If your laptop doesn’t have such fast USB, you’ll have to make do with lower-than-usual connection bandwidths. Do not despair about this, but do not choose a very high speed USB Wi-Fi, you will pay much more and you will not be able to enjoy its features.

Can I use the internet with mobile data?

Of course, there are USB sticks that allow you to use a mobile connection to connect anywhere. Moreover, if you are using a Chromebook or ultra-thin laptop, it is possible to have a SIM or MicroSIM slot to insert one of these cards and to have mobile internet in 4G or 5G.

Replace your laptop radio

The other option is the one with a lot more hands and consists of replacing your laptop’s Wi-Fi radio, for this you will need to open it and locate it, gently remove it and insert a replacement of the same type or compatible. After doing this, the system will automatically configure itself to accept the new connection. Unfortunately, it’s not something that works on all models. But if you know enough to open it without breaking the computer and changing its parts, go ahead.

The problem with such installations is that they require drivers. I’d call you and just in case AX210 controllers by the way, it only works as of Windows 10. Once you have them, save them on a well-positioned Pendrive because the important day comes and you have to make the change.

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