I went to buy a laptop from El Corte Inglés and they sold me a very old computer.

I went to buy a laptop from El Corte Inglés and they sold me a very old computer.

For hardware enthusiasts, the advantage of making your own PC is priceless. But the biggest problem comes when we need to buy a laptop. In this case, we usually have to go to a specialty store. Well, whoever wrote this can comment on a bad buying experience recently. English Courtexactly a computer for my dad.

My dad has been using computers for work since the 1980s so he’s not someone who doesn’t know how to use them, but someone who doesn’t understand hardware and always asks me for advice on buying a new computer. Its purpose was to buy from a store for the problem of financing. We won’t say which for what we chose to go to El Corte Inglés, but we decided to ask and were honestly surprised to agree for the worse.

El Corte Inglés sells outdated models

The story begins when my father’s five-year-old laptop accidentally broke its hinge. connect the board to the screena. So we had to replace it with a new one, after much thought we decided to go to El Corte Inglés in the computer department and found ourselves in a terrible situation.

When I looked at the technical specifications of many models that emerged, I noticed this: many of them were outdated, not just in terms of specs.. For example, a Microsoft Surface, an older generation than currently on sale, was offered. At a discounted price? No, it’s the same as the cost of that model, without informing us that there is a superior model in the catalog. By the way, I had to ask myself.

And this isn’t the only model where buying a peripheral happens, my dad is a regular at this department and told me most computers haven’t changed for months and remain the same model months later. I should clarify that in the end my father bought a new laptop from that store, it was a much more advanced model and I had to insist that it be removed from the store. A knowledgeable presenter will have no problem finding the right one, while an uninformed person will be nailed.

coming back months later

It is said that man does not fall for the same stone twice, but being prejudiced is bad so we decided to go a second time to another El Corte Inglés store. This time to buy a printer for a close relative who goes to school. What did I find? With the same outdated computer policy, so I had to ask again and repeat the whole process. Agreement? Likewise, a shameless attempt to hijack outdated products again.

And worst of all, they have a huge folder of available features and models, out of the corner of their eye and seeing the tendency to try and sneak it in even when they have much better models to sell to them. public. So they had to sell the computer part, a lot of people go there for a lot of money as they sell a good product. What else, give the feeling that the goal is to clear the inventory of already old models from the unsuspecting.

Ordinary people don’t need to know enough about computers, they don’t have daily needs, but they don’t deserve to be given a pig for a poke either. If a dealer offers you an older car for the same price than a new model, then of course you would be on the alert, as it’s normal for it to be a worse car. that’s why heWe do not understand the policy of selling legacy systems at El Corte Inglés.

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