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Mazda CX-60 | Connectivity technology, mobile app and voice

The world we live in requires constant connection. I remember (not so long ago) it was impossible to talk to someone while traveling or the beginning of the cell phone, when we used the phone in an emergency. Today, we want to be in contact with the world, to receive or give information. And Mazda CX-60 fits perfectly.

The fact that a new car has wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is no longer news, in this case integrated into Mazda Connect. this Mazda CX-60 It also offers the MyMazda app for mobile access to some functions, and the 12-speaker BOSE sound system in some skins. And all this, following the brand’s maxims in terms of the connection between driver and vehicle, concept Jinba Ittai.

Mazda Connect with Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Mazda CX-60 includes its latest version Mazda Connection. In 2018, we were able to see the developments of the brand compared to previous launches. international presentation: It starts much faster and the screen has a higher resolution. It has a built-in 3D gyro sensor and a word search function to find targets by entering keywords.

The system is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (both wireless, the second innovation from Mazda) so you won’t have any problems with the integration of the mobile phone. Available as standard on all coatings. The most complete includes a wireless charging tray for compatible mobile devices so cables don’t get in the way.

MyMazda App

Application available throughout Europe my Mazda It is a free application available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The idea is that the user everywhere has more information about their vehicle and removes obstacles. Among the services it offers:

  • tool finder: ideal for when you forget exactly where you left the car, so you don’t have to randomly turn on the remote.
  • remote central locking: Goodbye to goofing off if you’ve turned off the car. You can turn it off from the app.
  • Find out the status of the vehicle: from tire pressure or vehicle warning messages. It also reports burglary alerts if a door is forced.
  • Revision Notifications: Reminds you when maintenance is due and at which official Mazda workshop you can do it

Using the MyMazda app is very easy. After downloading it asks for registration and you have to add the car as registration to the connected services. A main conductor can be registered with a secondary conductor. The first driver can select the functions available for the second driver.

audio equipment

One of the developments Mazda3 least spoken system Mazda Harmonic Acoustics, developed for the model and where its acoustics stand out from its competitors. It has been enhanced on the Mazda CX-60 with larger speakers (3 to 4.8 liters) integrated into the sides of the passenger compartment and under the windshield, thanks to which part of the frame was used to house them.

This additional space is created by advancing the front wheel arches, which helps to improve ergonomics in the driving position as well as have a wider dynamic bass range and better sound quality. Under the passenger seat is an amplifier built after six years of development.

Mazda to better sound digital sources with lower quality allowing more storage MSR NR technology (Master Sound Revive Noise Reduction, which removes background noise from digital sources). A second cone is also added to the speakers under the midcap to broaden the high band of the midrange frequencies and improve sound mixing with the tweeters.

Bose premium sound system

For most music lovers, a 12-speaker Bose sound system is available, one of the most complete systems on the market. to carry BassMatch technology From Bose, with deeper low-frequency sounds for all passengers. The amplifier features nine-channel custom EQ and digital signal processing, as well as Bose Centerpoint 2 surround sound technologies, SurroundStage processing and AudioPilot 2 noise compensation.

It contains twelve high-performance loudspeakers distributed throughout the vehicle interior. Bass speakers are located on the sides of the passenger compartment, under the windshield, to deliver more powerful bass. Combined with the rear bass cabinet, it provides a noticeable improvement in the dynamic range, clarity and spaciousness of the audio system.

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