More technology in livestock equipment for feed distribution

The wet feed delivery system provides a dosed, satisfactory and more sustainable intake with reasonable growth in pigs.

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The interest and need for balanced and correct nutrition in livestock farms has caused the feeding system in the pig sector to be one of the most developed in recent years, especially in terms of nutrition. and distribute the bait.

Feed distribution system over age.

It is worth mentioning what we currently refer to as a wet delivery system, which consists of dosing a food mixture containing a solid portion and a liquid portion (SOPAS) allowing cattle to have a satisfactory and more sustainable intake. The strength of this feed delivery system is that it is controlled via computer software which provides several advantages:

  • Change the intake dose from day to day.
  • Make dietary changes to the pig diet.
  • Having a homogeneous and regular cattle growth.
  • Organoleptic improvements with meat as the final product.
  • Control feed consumption and experience less loss.
  • Reduce slurry production and nitrogen percentage.

This feed distribution solution requires more complex facilities than traditional dry feed distribution, but provides much more controlled and advantageous nutritional and growth benefits for cattle. Pigs develop with a more gradual and more regular growth; but in terms of health and meat quality, the improvement is phenomenal. Therefore, we are faced with a much more efficient feed distribution system.


Inside a pig farm.

Today, this feeding method with feed and by-products (fermented products, lactic whey, soybean and oat extract, etc.) is widely used in the Iberian pig industry as it helps pigs reach the required weight of 165 kg safely. in due time, always considering and respecting animal welfare. On the other hand, it is used when you want to obtain a product of high gastronomic quality with white-meat pork, that is, when you want to obtain a product intended for catering and retail sale, since the meat is strictly demanded. it has different properties than those marketed in a more industrial way.

It should also be taken into account that the use of a wet feed distribution system provides advantages; less feed loss and less slurry production.


Silo outside a farm.

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