Opel Astra 2023, very attractive and full of cutting-edge technology – {DF} DiarioFinanciero

Opel Astra 2023, very attractive and full of cutting-edge technology – {DF} DiarioFinanciero

In light of so much fierce competition and the trendy SUVs stealing sales of family hatchbacks, Opel has gone to great lengths to make the new Astra catch your attention. It features the brand’s newest ‘Visor’ front end with a black panel stretching between the bright LED headlights. The hood has interesting curves, and the higher-spec versions get a contrasting black roof. For the first time, the Opel Astra offers other options in addition to conventional petrol and diesel engines. The plug-in hybrid version adds the potential for low running costs thanks to 70km of electric driving, and an all-electric Opel Astra-e is expected to launch in 2023. It is vital that the car offers electrified options that offer lower tax costs for business users.

The interior confirms to buyers that Opel is serious about choosing the leaders of the hatchback class. As standard, the Astra features two 10-inch screens in front of the driver, one for infotainment and one that replaces traditional analog dials. There is a marked improvement over the previous model.

The beginning of the series is the end of Design. From the outside it looks a bit understated compared to higher trim levels, but the trim level is generous. It includes a 10-inch touchscreen, satellite navigation, wireless smartphone connectivity, DAB radio and voice recognition. Other standard features include front and rear parking sensors, keyless start, climate control and high beam assist. The GS Line trim brings a sporty look with larger wheels and a black roof. Additional safety features have been installed and comfort is enhanced with heated front seats, anti-reflective rearview mirrors and adaptive cruise control. Top-of-the-line Ultimate equipment includes even more driver assistance, an insulated windscreen, sunroof and adaptive headlights.

Following the hybrid comes the familiar petrol and diesel engine options. You can choose between a 1.2-litre petrol engine with 108 or 128bhp, and a 1.5-litre diesel engine producing 128bhp, which are also engines available in the economical Opel, Citroën and Peugeot models. it’s the same, but Opel engineers have tweaked the ride settings a little differently so it doesn’t feel the same as a Peugeot 308.

Driving the Astra is definitely better than its predecessor; light but precise steering prevails when turning the steering wheel; however, this can be made heavier by activating “Sports Mode”. Body tilt is also very well controlled, making the Astra surprisingly fun on a winding road.

Despite its many strong rivals, this new model of the Opel Astra seems to have everything for success. With its striking Opel Mokka-inspired looks and technology, the Astra is a smart family car that won’t cost too much to run. Now, all the good points are rounded up with a good four-star safety rating. The Astra is a safe car that can be trusted to protect the family. While it provides around 80% protection for both adults and children, the lack of full five stars is due to some of the latest driver aids being missed. rather than a significant deficit in performance in the event of a crash.

It is offered for sale in Spain with prices starting from 30,100 Euros.

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