Portable power stations: everything you need to know |  technology

Portable power stations: everything you need to know | technology

If you’ve heard of portable power stations and want to learn more about them, you can’t stop reading everything we’re going to tell you below.

We already know that technology has evolved a lot in recent years and has given us devices we couldn’t even imagine before. This is something that happens in portable power stations, something that we hadn’t even thought of and that has more benefits than it might seem at first glance.

Such devices designed to help us in everything that happens energy for different device and connection types when we don’t have a network electrical.

These new technologies are based on the growing needs we have. charge specific devices where there is power grid.

It is the perfect solution for be everywhere and we have electricity. We will see how it works and what its main features are so that in this way the stations Energy laptops are no longer unknown to us.

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What are portable power stations?

Portable power plants are electrical equipment designed to be moved from one place to another and they serve charge any device.

This means that thanks to these stations we can charge our mobile phone, tablet or computer, while also allowing us to power household appliances and all kinds of electrical equipment.

portable power stations it has big batteries and as such they will give them more than adequate autonomy on most of the devices we can connect them to. Anyways, They can be charged by plugging in electricity, with a car adapter, and many even with solar energy..

we are talking about the perfect evolution of gasoline generatorsbut with a number of advantages such as its reduced size, weight, minimal noise they emit, or not producing any polluting gas for the environment, in order to be able to take it anywhere.

Apart from the outdoors like our garden, there are more than one place where we can use this type of device when we go camping or want to get energy for a caravan.

It can also be used inside our own home, to power machines in our private workshop (if any), to connect a power line at any time or to receive electricity in a country house, to name a few examples. .

Another use that may be more obvious is to have it as an auxiliary emergency system in case of a power outage in the home.

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Features of portable power plants

There are certain features common to all portable power stations.

A particular model may be missing one of the features we’ll list, but in general it should come as standard.

We are talking about:

  • output connections: Although there are many types of portable power stations on the market, they will all have different output connections to connect all types of devices. They will offer us AC plug outlets, DC plugs, USB Type A and USB Type C ports.
  • Screen: in the vast majority we will also have an LCD screen where we can get all the information about how the station is working. Information about the station’s remaining battery and the organization of the device’s different ports usually appear on this screen.
  • Strength: depending on the model type of portable power station we buy, we will have this or that power. The most powerful models move between 1,200 and 2,000 W.
  • Solar charge: In most current models there is the possibility of recharging the station with solar energy, which can give us more autonomy capacity, because we will be able to recover some of what we spent without having to be in it. where there is electricity.

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How to choose a portable power station

There are a few details we should look at when buying ourselves a portable power plant.

If we pay attention to everything that we will see next, we will definitely get the most suitable model.


Power is one of the key parts we need to be clear about in this type of device. As we mentioned before, the issue is the station’s ability to give us autonomy for other devices we connect.

When buying a station with much more power than we will actually use, we must be aware of what we need without going crazy. We may be forward-thinking, but only up to a point.


this capacity is measured in Whso we can say that this parameter is ticked Watts that the station can supply us per hour. We should be clear that the power specified by the manufacturer is slightly different from what we will actually have in the device later on.

The best part is that we get a station with more capacity than the devices we plan to connect.


At the end of the exterior design, inside we will fix it relativelybecause in practice they all follow the same pattern in this regard.

This should get us looking at other things that are a little more relevant, like durability, ability to be moved from one place to another, and whether the station is easy to use.



Obviously, the station we are going to buy must have all possible connection standards, for example Both type A and type C AC output and USB ports.

From here, the number of connections will depend on our needs.


The fact that we can charge the station by plugging it in is normal for all models, but you can always opt for a very interesting feature.

It would also be convenient if we could also use: solar charge (light), have photovoltaic solar panels which allows us to restore the autonomy of the device without the need for electric current, only light your sun.


Yes, you’ve read more advice guides than we left you computer todayYou understand that the warranty is a detail that we normally don’t pay much attention to, since it’s at least two years in Spain.

The problem is that we are facing a device. that we will not use it every day and that several months may pass without use.therefore a good warranty and good after-sales servicethey always think of covering their backs in case of some kind of incident.

Now you know very well what power plants look like and what to look for to get the best one for you.

Of all the portable power stations on the market, we’d love to know which one you’ve chosen and why you chose this model. For this, we have social networks where you know that you can always write to us anything you want or need.

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