Smart portable projector: See the World Cup from 100 inches with the Freestyle projector |  Snail Podcast

Smart portable projector: See the World Cup from 100 inches with the Freestyle projector | Snail Podcast

in this chapter We review the Freestyle video projectoras a review to see if it would be a good option to buy and watch the football world cup, keep it and watch movies later.

You can reach the conclusion by listening to the entire podcast episode, but we can get ahead of you here…

3 very good things about Freestyle:

– It’s portable and you can take it anywhere and project it wherever you want: in front, above, below, on walls, ceilings and even on the floor

– It will be used for much more than watching football, you can set it up. Go Direct To watch the World Cup as well as Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+, HBOMax, YouTube and more

– Projects 100 inch sizesomething much bigger than any television indeed. you will feel while watching movie

And 3 not-so-good things:

– For the price you can buy a good conventional television up to 60 inches.

– You need darkness to see the highest image quality

– You can get a 4K TV for the same price

Here’s my test with the projector, in 15 steps, from start to finish:

one- I unboxed the Freestyle projector they lent me to reveal: a case for the projector and a case for the battery.

two- I combined the Freestyle with the battery and connected the two devices with the included cable.

3- Freestyle projects onto a surface and automatically corrects the projection on any wall, door, ceiling or the like.

4- It offers 3 languages, I use the projector’s remote to choose to continue in Spanish.

5- Two options appear: continue with your smartphone or remote control. I choose to stay on the phone.

6- Projector mirrors your screen with QR code. By scanning, the phone downloads the application SmartThings. In my case, I’m installing it on an iPhone. It takes some time to download on iPhone because 482MB.

7- I installed the app, created an account and verified the email to activate. (I had to wait 3 codes for the process to complete).

8- Add Freestyle as a new screen in the app.

9- It’s already connected to the app, it offers to add Spotify, I say no. I prefer to install or enable video apps.

10- Alongside the easy awaits like Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney, YouTube, HBO Max, Paramount+, there’s also Movistar TV, Claro Video, Directv Go, Pluto TV, Twich, IPTV Smarters Pro and Plex. There is also an option simply called. “Internet” and offers a browser. When I enter this browser, the homepage presents me websites for local running television channels: FoxPlay, CNN Video, YouTube, MSN, Win, Caracol and RCN.

eleven- Even before you log in, a carousel of Netflix and Disney+ titles already exists. Presumably someone else had installed the apps on this device before. Obviously, when trying to enter, it is already asking us for personal identification information of each service.

12- On iPhone, I can now share the screen with Freestyle. A code appears on the projector to connect it to the phone. Once paired… the projector tries to show the iPhone screen, but without success.

13- Content sources include Samsung TV Plus. When I click to set the source, it detects a Samsung TV that probably belongs to one of my close neighbors.

14- You can also send content to: freestyle from pc, Via Screen Sharing or via a cable HDMI. However, the non-supplied cable must be a Micro HDMI port to connect directly to the Freestyle.

fifteen- We put a movie at home. We started in the room by projecting onto a wall. Halfway through the movie we go to the dining room, with the projector on, we continue to see the projection on the window curtains now.

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