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The well-known November sale Friday is a business phenomenon that has emerged in the United States, and is an opportunity to buy products from different categories at special prices, often the lowest price of the year. Tech experts share the top 5 of this season.

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There are different kinds of offers on Black Friday in Guatemala, tech items are always the most sought after, but what tech innovations are really worth it right now?

It’s always a favorite buy because new models offer new features every time that make the user experience unique. It is very important to have a screen that allows you to enjoy every game and every goal more this year, when the world’s most important football festival is held.

If you still don’t know which team to pick at this time of year, we help you consider each distinctive feature:

  • oled: It maintains its brightness and sensitivity at very wide angles with its self-illuminating display technology that provides perfect blacks, brighter whites and vivid colors to enjoy sports clearly.
  • QNED mini-LED: Big games will look better thanks to the High-Powered 4K α7 Gen5 processor with AI, excellent tonal and color accuracy effective in 576 areas of each frame, brightness control, and excellent compatibility with other home devices.
  • NanoCell: The nanoparticles act as a color filter, increasing the vividness and accuracy of displayed colors. The quality is top-notch and the price is mid-range.

The emotion conveyed by sports commentators and commentators is felt and experienced on another level with LG soundbars. AI Sound Pro analyzes the content to automatically adjust and optimize the sound of what’s playing, meaning it captures every detail of the dialogue to make it clear or create a more impactful action scene.

The flagship product for karaoke and house party enthusiasts is the XBOOM, which includes a variety of mini components that enhance the audio experience with clear, punchy, explosive beats. They also have multi-colored lighting that moves to the rhythm of the music, so with LG music can be heard, seen and felt.

The options are many, but choosing devices with AI Inverter Direct Drive™ technology, whether it’s Front Loading or WashTower equipment, is recommended as this maximizes washing performance and preserves clothes longer.

The new models with washer and dryer offer the versatility to do everything in the same compartment, so users can save a step by removing the laundry from the machine and placing it in the dryer. As if that wasn’t enough, it can be programmed even when you’re miles away thanks to the ThinQ ecosystem.

There are several models of refrigerators currently on the market, and although most of them perform the function of cooling or freezing, it is important to stay at the forefront of technology and choose options that, in addition to providing the basics, also help keep the refrigerator ice cold. The life of Guatemalans is more elegant and practical.

LG Door in Door shows 23% of what’s inside with a double tap on the screen (InstaView®) without having to open the door. It also allows technical diagnostics from the mobile phone via ThinQ and as if that wasn’t enough, it prepares 3 types of ice in the form of crushed, cubed and spherical using the exclusive LG Craft Ice™.

On traditional stoves, it is often difficult to see how the food is cooked in the oven. Thanks to InstaView technology built into LG’s new gas hob, this is no longer a problem as a double tap on the oven glass lets you see what’s inside. In addition, thanks to the ThinQ ecosystem, it is possible to turn on, control or turn off the oven from an application installed on the mobile phone. An electric version of the InstaView stove is also available.

In order for the shopping made within the framework of the traditional Thanksgiving to be strategic, it is recommended to start looking for the products of interest from the previous days, to search for prices, features and models and to purchase them on the full day. is more efficient.

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