These are the reasons why you should choose an Intel Evo laptop among all Black Friday offers |  technology

These are the reasons why you should choose an Intel Evo laptop among all Black Friday offers | technology

Make no mistake this Black Friday and choose the laptop that suits you best. Betting on those bearing the Intel Evo badge will combine performance, autonomy, connectivity, design and efficiency, making your choice easy.

Choosing the perfect laptop is complicated, and even more so when the industry is so diversified: equipment designed for all types of profiles: students, workers, creators…

Simplifying this choice is therefore not easy, so it has become Intel’s goal with its new certification. Intel Evo.

These are the best Intel Evo laptops for studying or working on Black Friday

Intel Evo marks the beginning of a new generation of equipment that meets five pillars: performance, autonomy, connectivity, design and efficiency. Here are five features that set these laptops apart from other PCs and make it clear to users that they have the latest processors and components, without the need to skim through the specs.

These are the arguments that support Intel Evo’s commitment.

Performance: only the best of the best

Inside a laptop with the Intel Evo seal, only next generation processors. The computers feature 11th and 12th generation Intel Cores that excel in any daily task or higher demanding tasks: all the power of Intel’s hybrid architecture is at the user’s disposal.

This outstanding performance is complemented by premium components. Intel graphics integrating some models, Intel Iris Xe although teams with new graphics wait Intel Arc.

To take everything higher, Intel Evo computers have both DDR4 and DDR5 RAMThey also start at 16GB, which represents a generational leap. The storage uses only SSD disks of different formats, such as NVMe, which provides fast reads and writes.

Autonomy: battery for all day

The second pillar of Intel Evo computers, autonomy. Gone are the days when taking your laptop to work or college meant carrying the charger in your backpack. Intel has ensured that these teams have autonomy never seen in laptops.with all day use.

This is achieved through long life batteries and fast charging. Yes, fast charging has come to laptops. It ensures that the computer can offer up to 4 hours of standard operation with only 30 minutes of current connection.

Connection: no connection limitation

Being up to date also means having the best connections. Intel Evo laptops integrated WiFi 6 with data transfer rate three times faster than WiFi 5.

By integrating this connection, data can be sent and downloaded almost instantly, enhancing the experience when consuming high-quality streaming content. Also, this is complemented by Thunderbolt 4 ports used to connect 4K monitors and external SSD drives, among others.

Design: thin, light and strong

Integrating the latest technology into your interior does not contradict design. Intel Evo laptops are characterized by being thin, light and durable..

Most have the ultrabook sticker in a backpack that allows them to be carried to work or college. All are covered with premium materials that guarantee less wear and a longer service life.

Efficiency: always ready when you need it

Power, design, autonomy and connectivity combine to create an efficient laptop. No, we’re not just talking about energy expenditure. Intel Evo computers are always ready for anything, and this is ensured by their ultra-fast boot systems: it takes less than a second for the computer to wake from sleep mode.

You will not have to wait to start using it, the time spent without being productive will be minimized.

In short, Intel Evo laptops set a new standard in the competitive laptop industry. These teams have five pillars that are perfected to provide an optimized experience for all types of users. Betting on Intel Evo is a guaranteed success, all equipment will meet your expectations in all departments..

Where can you find your Intel Evo laptop?

We’ve selected a few places where you can find Intel Evo certified products.

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