Visa to launch face authentication payments at Qatar 2022 World Cup

Visa to launch face authentication payments at Qatar 2022 World Cup

Visa payment platform will launch a pilot program for facial recognition payments during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, as part of a series of efforts by the company to launch new technologies within the framework of the World Cup.

“For us (the World Cup) is a great opportunity, because it allows us to develop, test and share technologies and innovations that people start using (as part of the tournament) and then adopt as daily practice.” Dario Cutin is vice president of communications for Visa for Latin America.

Cutin explained that the face authentication payment pilot called FacePay will be made possible thanks to the collaboration with Qatar National Bank and fintech POP ID.

Confirmed that the user needs to register in a terminal where the National Bank of Qatar and POP ID will be placed in order to create a face connection with their payment credentials. Once this registration is done, the user will be able to complete a transaction with a face scan.

Explaining that this payment method can only be used in a few places, Cutin said, “We are trying this technology, we are piloting it so that consumers get used to it.”

He stated that in addition to FacePay, Visa will also introduce contact or contactless payment technology by providing 5,300 such terminals at all FIFA venues (8 stadiums and FIFA fan festival).

These terminals allow consumers to make payments without having to swipe their physical card through the terminal.

“We made an agreement to have contactless payment technology in Qatar taxis,” Cutin said.

In addition, a Visa spokesperson announced that the company has developed a pilot application called digital regulation that will allow fans traveling to Qatar to request a contactless payment method that is activated immediately on their smartphones.

“Instant digital issuance means you don’t need to buy a plastic, a card, but immediately (…) you already have the contactless payment credentials in your phone’s electronic wallet, and this is an innovation for us. First time in Qatar,” he added. cutin.

In addition to these efforts, Visa also works with local financial institutions to enable small and medium-sized merchants to use their smartphones at contactless payment centers, Cutin said.

“What we want is to help improve the experience of the outgoing person, as well as the small and medium-sized merchant, so they have the opportunity to transact with all incoming tourists,” a Visa spokesperson said.

Visa is one of the sponsors of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. It has been a global partner of the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) since 2007, so it not only advertises in the tournament, but also has access to a series. Exclusive experiences such as taking your customers to stadiums and matches.

“(The World Cup) is the perfect platform to reach practically everyone with our message, our technology and the payment innovations we’ve developed, for both those who have the opportunity to go to the World Cup venue and those who experience it. and escort from afar,” said Darío Cutín, Visa’s vice president of communications.

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