We analyze four portable wood stoves for camping and outdoor |  Showcase

We analyze four portable wood stoves for camping and outdoor | Showcase

Spending a day in the countryside is an unplanned activity only when the weather is nice. And this Falling temperatures should not be an excuse to enjoy nature You just have to be prepared properly. a) Yes, One of the accessories that can come in handy are portable wood stoves for camping..

However, no matter what time of year it is, before using this type of accessory (or any other for making a fire) it is important to remember that: You should learn about the legislation created in each autonomous community.. For example, in Andalusia and Madrid, it is completely prohibited to light fires in woodlands and forest-affected areas between 1 June and 15 October. In the Balearic Islands, this ban starts on 1 May and ends on 15 October; You can light a fire for the rest of the year, but only if administrative permission is requested in advance.

Which portable wood stove models did we choose for camping?

These are the selected models: HD MENG (7.75), Lixada Titanium (7), StarBlue SB-GV-RS01 (8.75) and Wood stove (8.25). The criteria taken into account when analyzing and evaluating them are:

  • Assembly: Is this process easy or not? We guess all of them are simple to assemble, but some more so than others.
  • Design: in terms of construction quality.
  • Experience: If the wood stove serves its purpose, how does the combustion process produce a lot of smoke?
  • Cleaning: Is it easy to clean or, on the contrary, is it difficult to remove the accumulated dirt?

Comparison of the best portable wood stoves for camping: this is how we tested them

This is comparative It was made in the garden of the detached house on different days., allowed us to verify how the assembly process of this type of mini-stove is. Also, their experience of use, incineration or cleaning after use, among other things.

StarBlue SB-GV-RS01 portable camping wood stove gets top review. It is a model with an extremely durable design and one of the easiest to assemble. In addition, the handle detail on the upper part is also useful. It also stands out for how the entire combustion process unfolds.

StarBlue SB-GV-RS01 portable camping wood stove: our pick

Like other models in its category It is sold with a cloth bag with two handles for storage. and so take it with you when you travel: While it doesn’t feel as light as the rest of the analyzed stoves, that doesn’t prevent it from being carried around comfortably. The build quality (material chosen is low carbon steel) is one of the best.

Data sheet

  • Materials: low carbon steel
  • Dimensions: 390x200mm
  • Others: cross brace travel bag

We also loved that the stove itself was included. A handle so that it can be moved from one place to another once mounted without great effort. Speaking of setups, requires only a few minutes to install. The entire structure sits on two steel legs attached using the two screws included in your box. It is also possible to fit two pieces on the upper part. accessories as a cross-shaped support to allow food to be cooked those thrown into a pan, for example.

How was my experience? The fuel chamber is functioning properly and the flames are well extinguished, producing a minimal amount of smoke. In addition, the width of the opening through which the firewood is inserted is sized to facilitate convenient ‘feeding’ of the stove.

The best, worst and results

  • The best: design, assembly and experience
  • Worst: It is among the most expensive options.
  • Results: Its design is the most advanced and produces a minimal amount of smoke compared to others, so the flame always stays alive. Wood burns at a good rate.

Firewood Stove portable camping wood stove: alternative and best value for money

It comes with a variety of accessories, including: a cloth travel bag for storage when not in use, a tray for collecting ashes which has a slightly tight design while making it fit and a cooking rackhowever experience can be improved depending on which ones are chosen in practice.

Unfolded (final assembly process is very simple), this wood burning stove made of stainless steel It has dimensions of only 210 x 140 x 140 millimeters and its weight (approximately one and a half kilograms) makes it particularly easy and convenient to transport on the go. In this regard, the quality of their polish does not look bad and the stability it achieves is good. On the other hand, a round handle on one of its doors so when you open it, the firewood is placed instantly. It produces heat accurately and the sensation is pleasant. As an aspect that needs improvement and removing the thin film surrounding the entire structure before use, it takes more time than we would like.

HDMENG portable camping wood stove

This mini wood stove is available in the L (300 x 300 x 250 millimeter) size version as well as the M (220 x 220 x 190 millimeter) size analyzed. One of the first striking details after assembly is the structure (provided with 16 heat conduction ports). Includes four telescopic and height folding legs on the base (approximately 100 millimeters) provides optimum stability on the surface on which it is placed. However, these legs are somewhat difficult to manipulate properly.

Made of carbon steel, It stands out with its design, resistance and durability.. By the way, its weight of just over 3 kilograms facilitates the smooth transportation of the stove, like its competitors, from one place to another. Regarding its use, it should be noted that the combustion process is slower than others, and the opening providing the entrance to the chamber is much smaller than desired.

Lixada Titanium Portable Camping Wood Stove

This the lightest Although it is made of titanium, the quality used by its manufacturer can be increased. Lixada’s compact stove comes into play a bag that takes up almost no space and inside there are parts to assemble. Since there are not many, the process is completed in a short time: yes, you have to be as meticulous as possible so that they all fit together perfectly, otherwise the structure will become unstable and it will be necessary to start over.

Although it burns smoothly, it ‘consumes’ firewood more quickly, forcing you to be more careful not to let the flames go out. It also shares the possibility of using the top as a cooking surface, although it logically shouldn’t be large given the mini size of the pot used. Compared to others, cleaning jobs are not as easy as we would like.

*All purchase prices in this article are valid as of November 20, 2022.

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