Xiaomi gift guide for the holiday season

Xiaomi gift guide for the holiday season

November is almost over, and the December holidays will soon reach Colombians’ homes. At this time, many people are starting to think about Christmas gifts, as well as the current offers to buy them, so Xiaomi is preparing the gift guide for tech lovers.

The last month of the year is about to arrive, and with the December holiday comes many people’s anxiety about buying Christmas presents. Right now, many Colombians are starting out in search of the perfect gift for their family, friends, partner, and for those who want to surprise everyone on Christmas Eve, it’s no surprise that technology is the answer.

Mobile phones, smart watches, wireless headphones, televisions and the best technologies for home and mobility, not to mention the offer of smart bands and tablets are some of the products in Xiaomi’s gift guide.

Anticipating Christmas celebrations within the framework of Black Friday, Xiaomi wants to share its portfolio of technological solutions with all tech enthusiasts so that December is the right month to embrace a smarter lifestyle.

Smartphone – It’s time to refresh Smartphones

Xiaomi’s gift guide for all series and for all audiences starts with the wide range of Smartphones and the reason is obvious. There are very few people today who don’t carry a mobile phone in their pocket, smartphone use is essential in an interconnected world, so many people seek to update their devices from time to time and December is the favorite month. prefer mobile new devices.

The protagonist of this gift guide is the Redmi and Redmi Note series, devices designed for performance and a balance between features and price. Redmi Note 11 and Redmi Note 11S are at the top of this list with cameras ranging from 50MP to 108MP, the camera module of these devices offers a high-end photography experience, as well as charging and battery capacities, giving users plenty of hours without worry. to use.

The devices in the Redmi series are not far behind, this best priced device series on the market offers a solid set of features at affordable prices. In this gift guide, Redmi 10 2022 series, Redmi 10C and Redmi A1 are presented as a strong option for those who want to refresh their device for personal use.

Price list:

• Redmi Note 11S (6GB ram 128GB storage): $1,199,900

• Redmi Note 11 (4GB ram 128GB storage): $799,900

• Redmi 10 2022 (4GB ram 128GB storage): $729,900

• Redmi 10C (4GB ram 128GB storage): $649,900

• Redmi 10C (4GB ram 64GB storage): $579,900

• Redmi 10C (3GB ram 64GB storage): $549,900

• Redmi 10A (2GB ram 32GB storage): $479,900

• Redmi A1: (2GB ram 32GB storage): $379,900

The best of the smart ecosystem

Xiaomi has always sought to make more people adopt smarter lifestyles through a broad portfolio of devices that meet the needs of users through continuous expansion. The products of this smart ecosystem are featured in this gift guide:

• Smart TVs and tablets

MI TV P1 series televisions have extremely competitive features. MI TV P1 has an elegant design that integrates perfectly into the home environment, it has a frameless screen that provides maximum viewing area, and on the other hand, its ultra-fluent LED panel offers an ultra-wide field of view of 178 degrees. You can see every detail clearly, offering 4K resolution image quality and Dolby Vision® compatibility for an incredibly smooth, lag-free picture.

Entering the smart tablet segment, Xiaomi Pad 5 has functions that allow users to have fun and work smart, such as: Productivity package (scan any document using 13MP camera), vivid screen (11 inch WQHD+) with Dolby Vision® support 120Hz) , impressive acoustics (Dolby Atmos® immersive sound), high performance (7nm Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 860 processor with a maximum clock speed of up to 2.96 Ghz) and long-lasting experience (8,720mAh battery).

MI TV P1 will be at promotional base price until December 1st. $799,900 In the 32” presentation, $1,349,900 43” version and $1,849,900 In 55” version. Xiaomi Pad 5 will have a promotional base price until December 1st. $1,799,900 The price of 6GM ram memory and 256GB storage version, 6GB ram memory and 128GB storage version is $1,599,900.

• Smart skateboards and house cleaning assistants

MI Electric Scooter 3 Lite is part of the latest generation of smart skateboards coming to Colombia, so it offers the latest innovations in smart mobility.

In addition to a high-quality lithium battery that gives Mi Electric Scooter 3 Lite a continuous travel range of 20 km, the BMS protection system provides full battery protection against shocks and overloads. With a lightweight design, this tool is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, which makes MI Electric Scooter 3 Lite a light and comfortable skateboard. The control panel provides information to the user about the driving mode, speed, battery level and vehicle status, this is also Mi Electric It can also be seen in the Xiaomi Mi Home app, which allows to monitor all the activities and news of the scooter 3 Lite.

In terms of cleanliness and leading the gift guide in that sense, the My Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Lite is presented as the perfect ally for any field. With a 3D monitoring system that analyzes the area and creates a map of each area of ​​the house, this vacuum cleaner and mop can sweep power up to 2,200pa and has a dust storage capacity of up to 450ml.

Mi Electric Scooter 3 Lite will be at promotional base price until January 1st. $1,799,900 dollars, On the other hand, Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Lite will have a promotional base price. $849,900

• Wearebles – Smart watches, bands and hearing aids

The use of smart wristbands and watches is increasing, and the possibilities we find in such devices are useful for us when doing sports, tracking our health status and even following our notifications.

In this sense, the Redmi Watch 2 Lite is the ideal complement to stand out in any discipline. This smartwatch features professional tracking with over 100 workout modes to take workouts to another level; In turn, it is powered by optical heart rate sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope and electronic compass, which will ensure users have precise and valuable information to monitor their performance.

On the smart band side, the Xiaomi gift guide includes the Xiaomi Smart Band 7, aimed at people who want to maximize their fitness with incredible technologies. Xiaomi Smart Band 7 stands out with its new and advanced exercise functions, with energy performance up to 14 days thanks to its even larger screen and 180 mAh battery. This band features over 110 sports modes and 6 professional sports modes that will let you monitor calories, heart rate, fitness pace and more, and help you evaluate the rate of exercise you produce during your favorite sports.

Xiaomi gift guide for music lovers ends with Redmi Buds 3. With a secure and comfortable fit, Redmi Buds 3 guarantees softness and lightness when doing any sports; In addition, Bluetooth 5.0 offers advanced interfaces so device connections are always stable and sounds are of the best quality.

All these products will be on sale until December 1st. The base price of Redmi Watch 2 Lite $219,900, Xiaomi Smart Band 7 will have a base price $209,900 dollars, And finally, the base price of Redmi Buds 3 will be: $149,900

Those who want to buy these products can purchase from the following sales channels*: Xiaomi Stores, mobile operators such as Claro, Tigo, Wom and commercial stores such as Falabella, Éxito, Alkosto, Ktronix, e-commerce stores such as Xiaomi-Store. Official Xiaomi channels on .co and Mercadolibre and Linio.

*Availability may vary per channel

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