ZARA HOME BBQ |  Zara Home's portable barbecue that's wreaking havoc this fall

ZARA HOME BBQ | Zara Home’s portable barbecue that’s wreaking havoc this fall

Autumn has already arrived, and as soon as you realize it, winter will present itself. The days of barbecue and outdoor dining seem to be over, but why does it have to be like this? One of the best aspects of these seasons is to enjoy the cold sunny days outdoors. An ideal moment that can invite us to an impromptu picnic with friends and enjoy the daylight hours.

Inside Zara It’s been a long time since I only sold clothes. The empire slowly Amancio Ortega It opens a market to other niches such as decor. An example of this is the famous brand. Zara House. In fact, it has a portable barbecue that has swept sales for its quality and price. This is Weber Smokey Joe barbecue. Portable charcoal barbecue with a diameter of 37 cm. It is very manageable due to its size, but has sufficient cooking space. The practical handle with a lock for the lid makes it comfortable and easy to carry. Additionally, it includes:

– Coated steel cooking grate.

– Rust-proof aluminum regulator.

– Lid with handle.

– Locking system for Tuck-N-carriage cover.

Known worldwide for the quality of its barbecues, the Weber-Stephen Company was founded in 1952 by George Stephen in the suburbs of Chicago.

For a long time the barbecue was nothing more than a primitive and static brick oven. Until one day, George Stephen revolutionized the use of barbecue by creating the Original Kettle, a contemporary and innovative style with ergonomics that ensure optimum performance for cooking, suitable for days out with family and friends. A product that can be purchased for 99 Euros.

Zara Home surprises with the most Christmas lamp: elegant and warm

For those who want to add an elegant, attentive and Christmas atmosphere to their home, Zara Home offers a product in its catalog that it plans to wreak havoc. about this led lamp “light branch”. A branch imitating a tree branch prepared with led wires at the ends to add a warm touch to our home.

Zara Home is a chain of the Inditex group specializing in fashion and fashion. decor For home. About 70% of its products are textiles, complementing its offer with decorative objects and household items. It offers different lines in decoration, including contemporary, classic, ethnic and white lines. Offering two collections per season, the store updates its product range twice a week. The brand combines contemporary styles with other more classic pieces. It also has its own clothing products and cosmetics for the bathroom. Zara Home became the fastest growing Inditex chain of 2016 with a growth of 16.2% and closed the year with a turnover of 775 million euros. In addition, Zara Home has become the second chain to increase its commercial network the most, after Zara, by acquiring 552 businesses worldwide.

founder inditex, Amancio OrtegaWith assets of 67,000 million euros remains the first wealth in Spainfollowed by daughter Sandra Ortega and Ferrovial President Rafael del Pino. Three of them top the 100 greatest national wealth lists by ‘Forbes’ magazine.

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