All the secrets of the first Big Brother, including love, revenge and intrigues ever discovered

All the secrets of the first Big Brother, including love, revenge and intrigues ever discovered

Big Brother is a very inviting reality show

Consolidated as major television and social media phenomenon of 2022 , Big Brother It has a rich history in the country, with ten publications that allowed the Argentine public to get to know and fall in love with this Dutch format. However, when it was released over two decades ago, it meant a real discovery for the public and its creators alike. Between love, revenge and never-explored intrigues, there are many aspects of this raid that are still unknown.

The “father of all reality shows” was released in the Netherlands on September 16, 1999, and while it wasn’t an automatic success, it soon became a real phenomenon and was repeated on screens around the world. Argentina became the first Latin American country to buy the format, with Telefe’s million-dollar investment.

28,000 people signed up for the cast, a small number by comparison, with format owners citing, not for not promoting the $200,000 award-winning program, but for emphasizing a “unique experience”. to 160,000 in the second edition, or the hundreds of thousands of videos posted this year.

Soledad Silveyra

Soledad Silveyra was Big Brother’s first host in the country.

While the political and social situation is similar in many ways in terms of tension, the differences between the first edition and the current edition are many: In 2001, when the crisis on the street was palpable, the running of the bulls on television created an entertaining space. for the viewer who wants to escape from everyday pain.

But those who walked in didn’t have a real dimension to the ubiquity of the cameras and didn’t suspect they could be filmed even in the dark. And we often forget that twenty years ago advanced technology wasn’t available to as many people as smartphones today are.

In addition, thanks to an agreement with a satellite television company, four channels were created to transmit what is happening at home with different cameras 24 hours a day. When the program’s success proved unstoppable, the service not only had a record number of new members, but many people went to sleep and woke up watching what was going on at home. streaming platform today It’s more conservative: it usually cuts off the broadcast, considering it’s better to leave what’s happening on the screen to Telefe.

Likewise, the loop-watching experience didn’t yet have social networks to create online communities, share theories, or spread false news as they do today. It allowed for no interruptions in the live broadcast channels and more information about the attendees, but this meant hours and hours glued to the screen. Trends are created on Twitter today and even sanctions are imposed based on appearances.

After months of preparation Big Brother Debuted on Telefe on Saturday, March 10, 2001 and featured Tamara Paganini, Lorena González, Patricia Villamea, Alejandro Restuccia, Martín Viaña, Eleonora González, Gustavo Jodurcha, Natalia Fava, Verónica Zanzul, Fernando Navarro, Santiago Almeydat and Gastón Treze . .

marcos gorban

Marcos Gorban, the mastermind behind the first editions of Big Brother in our country

According to general producer Marcos Gorban in his book The nominees, the intimate history of the most famous reality show in Argentina , the first Argentine premiere was full of errors that went beyond technique: the broadcast lasted three hours, there was an off-the-record Soledad Silveyra, and extensive presentations in which every participant in the preview of the game had packed their bags and locked up in the previous days. In a hotel. He was then shown driving home, and there was only a few minutes of togetherness on camera. The final product was a boring, repetitive program that didn’t express the spirit of the reality show.

It’s the first program Big BrotherSurrounded by intrigue and anticipation, he could not defeat his opponent in the thirteenth, saturday busdefrauded themselves and others. But that served as a lesson: all subsequent releases of the reality show had dynamic beginnings and focused on home.

“It was a very short novel for such a long prologue. Too many expectations were placed on people whom no one knew yet. There is no worse sentence for a reality than the first show because nothing happens, it is imperative to introduce all the participants and explain the rules of the game. Big Brother there were twelve biographies, twelve families, twelve testimonies… a clue”, Gorban would admit years later in his book.

What happened was that no one knew exactly what to expect from the format… even telefe! So the same team had to instantly adjust many technical and editing issues until they found the right tone for a genre of television almost unheard of in the country.

The actors’ first hours at home were also chaotic: they started with a lot of enthusiasm, then played impromptu games in the pool and ended the night in terry robes chatting about their lives. However, at that moment when everyone let their guard down, Gastón Trezeguet stood out. That was when Lorena González, one of the attendees, said she was “different” when she made the toast. The visibly upset participant walked away from the group and settled into a chair. Up until there, Eleonora González went to comfort her, who had been her ally from then on.

Lorena was thus marked for public and was the first to be eliminated from the loop. After a while, when he finally left the house for the third time, Trezeguet would admit that he had never believed in his partner’s malicious intent, but that he had taken advantage of his victim position to expose him in front of the audience.

Gaston Trezeguet

Loved and hated, Gastón Trezeguet is perhaps the smartest contributor Big Brother has ever had.

And among the participants, Trezeguet was undoubtedly the most striking. He was the youngest in the house and undoubtedly one of the smartest, ignoring the invitation to “have an experience” and realizing right from the start that it was a competition. While the public loved and hated him with the same intensity, all his friends came out of isolation and saw him as an enemy when they learned what he had done.

“He put the idea of ​​’This is a strategy game’ before the ‘I want to be myself’ sentence of his peers. He was the only one who understood that gambling is not a sin, and in his confessional speeches he showed absolute clarity to understand all the sides of gambling. Big Brother . These speeches were, of course, published. specially ‘Discussion’ because they served to analyze their behavior,” Gorban explains in his book.

His cheats during the reality show were revealed after a long time, when he confessed. For example, write the name of the person to be nominated on a piece of paper in the freezer. So Eleonora, Fernando, and the other allies read it, and an undetected conspiracy was set up. According to Gorban: “We suspected that Gastón was promoting the candidates, but we couldn’t pinpoint how, despite watching the show all the time. He was very thin. Once, the whole group went out into the garden after talking on the sofas in the living room, but before everyone stood up, Trezeguet turned a cushion around, as if trying to fit it. The person sitting on that site was nominated.”

He was the one who started talking one night with Gustavo Jodurcha, a good-hearted pizza chef from Quilmes, about his young son. “What is it about this wonderful experience that made you abandon your son and not see him for so long?” said. The sentence left the actor speechless, who would voluntarily leave the house in less than two hours.

But Jodurcha’s departure would be detrimental to the Machiavellian participant in a way he could never have imagined, because he was replaced by Marcelo Corazza, a victim of votes and conspiracies since he had been “new” since his arrival. He managed to win the public opinion with his good-natured profile and quickly became a favorite.

Marcelo Corazza, winner of First Big Brother and now producer of Telefe

Marcelo Corazza, winner of First Big Brother and now producer of Telefe – Credit: @Santiago Cichero/AFV

Orphaned by her parents, a rugby enthusiast, and living in a simple house in Tigre with her sisters, Corazza was a kind of Cinderella: she was a kind-hearted physical education teacher who was protected from rejection by the votes of the audience. house

Being a TV producer for years, Today, Trezeguet is perhaps the most visible face of the Telefe discussions moderated by Santiago Del Moro. He reiterates his role of cold strategist many times, which clashes with Laura Ubfal’s more contemporary and analytical visions.

The program began with a weekly expulsion premiere and another for the nomination, but success kept Telefe moving forward on its schedule. In the afternoons, the Maru Botana cycle added half an hour live; Three weeks later, the “Hand debate” was created, inspired by Spanish TV, hosted by Juan Alberto Badía and finally at eleven o’clock on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. hot big brother, Mariano Peluffo and images deemed unsuitable for display in child protection watches. at its peak, Big Brother It has twenty-one weekly publications by Telefe.

Trezeguet also formed the first pair. Big Brother. A few days after he and Eleonora González entered the house, they kissed and celebrated their engagement. The lovers’ party brought one of the highest ratings of the cycle and was fired as a guest but from afar, without entering the house.

The truth is that the bond between Trezeguet and González was based on love and alliance, but not on love: they would both later admit that they wanted it to “throw a party and have some champagne”, and that’s how it turned out. idea of ​​marriage.

However, the first Argentine edition Big Brother There was also a royal couple in love: Natalia Fava and Santiago Almeyda. Skipping mentioning that she was part of one of the most important families of Mar del Plata, she had cast herself as a businesswoman for social events. His father, who is the owner of a chain store in the spa city, was not very happy with this news. He went to the media and said that if the participant “rubbing his finger on his daughter”, he would not answer him.

Natalia Fava and Santiago Almeyda, love born in front of the cameras

Natalia Fava and Santiago Almeyda, love born in front of the cameras – Credit: @Instagram @PineiroProducciones

Their love also went through a tough test: Fava left prison in front of her lover by the will of the people and became very close to Tamara Paganini, but before the flirting went any further. The two are still together today.

Marcelo Corazza, Daniela Ballester, Tamara Paganini and Gastón Trezeguet on the 2001 final day when the winner was announced

Marcelo Corazza, Daniela Ballester, Tamara Paganini and Gastón Trezeguet on the 2001 final day when the winner was announced

first edition Big Brother It lasted 112 days and ended on June 30, 2001. average 38 points . Marcelo Corazza swept the votes, but did not win the overall prize as he later entered, but rather a figure commensurate with his stay: $125,000. The remaining 75,000 were split between Tamara Paganini, Gastón Trezeguet and Daniela Ballester, who later joined as a shy stewardess and is today one of the faces of C5N.

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