Apple continues to pile up problems in China and it could affect us all |  technology

Apple continues to pile up problems in China and it could affect us all | technology

Apple is not having a good time, and worse is expected for Christmas. To this we must add the latest event at Foxconn; In this event, hundreds of workers said enough and rushed towards the guards, creating a real square war.

At this time of year, factories producing iPhones view Thousands of additional workers are hired to meet the demand of the holiday season, but apparently the opposite is also happening. In terms of purchases, this is a big drop against the last quarter..

It seems that all does not end there, and two weeks after Apple warned of delays in production Chinese Amid increasing COVID-19 restrictions, giant faces More trouble arose as worker protests erupted at Foxconn, its largest manufacturing partner.

To contextualize, one of the largest manufacturers iphone of the view Hon Hai Technology Group, better known as Foxconn, is a Taiwan-based company with factories in several countries. One of the biggest plants is in Zhengzhou, ChineseNicknamed “the city of the iPhone” by the locals.

Hundreds of workers clashed with policeAccording to videos recently shared by Foxconn employees in Douyin and Kuaishou.

Foxconn rebels and Apple workers’ hard battle takes shape

It was decided that the Zhengzhou Foxconn factory would produce 80% of the iPhone 14 models, and 85% of iPhone Pro models before the end of this year. But due to China’s “zero COVID-19” policy, Foxconn employees start laying off.

China’s main reason for maintaining policy and lockdowns, as well as mass testing and enforced isolation, is that the virus is too deadly to be allowed to spread.

Since then, and seeing the situation, Apple, iPhone 14 Pro shipments will be lower than expected. Foxconn has also moved some of the iPhone production to factories in India, hoping to make up for losses, but none of this is expected to happen.

Things started to heat up and at the end of October, thousands of Foxconn employees have left their campus in a “closed loop system” aimed at slowing the spread of Covid in previous weeks.

This event we are telling you about is the culmination of everything. If having to lock in is already desperate, let’s add No bonuses for workers working in a pandemic-affected environment and fear of being infected because they live with infected companions.

It all ended in the worst way: some videos show that workers leaving their homes and security guards who beat them.

Foxconn employees shared the following on social media: just like with Tesla in Shanghai in other closed places, food, water and other necessities were scarce and the situation was unbearable. With all this on the table, we hope Apple knows how to confront the issue and fix this huge problem that is already at its peak, as if that weren’t enough.

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