ASUS refuses to repair a laptop under warranty due to scratches

ASUS refuses to repair a laptop under warranty due to scratches

We know that when we buy a new product we are covered by a 1, 2 or 3 year warranty (depending on the country and product), so you can have peace of mind if we need to return it. As a general rule, the warranty should cover any factory hardware failure, but this does not include problems caused by software installation as this is our responsibility. The surprise comes when a Korean user buys it. laptopsent repair under warrantyit happened rejected for being scratched barely visible.

One of the clear advantages of buying a new device rather than opting for it second hand market make sure it’s under warranty. While it is true that we save a lot of money when buying something second-hand, we must take this into account.The only warranty we have is the seller himself. and trust that what you are selling works perfectly. It is clear that if we want to play it safe, we have to pay more and buy it in a store like new so that we can enjoy those years’ guarantee in case anything happens.

ASUS refuses to repair ROG Flow Z13 laptop after scratch

When we are under warranty and any malfunction that can be considered a manufacturer’s fault occurs, we have the right to process it and receive a free repair. In the case of a Korean user who owns ASUS ROG Stream Z13 (2022) It didn’t and the laptop was only a few months old. According to the owner, the aforementioned ROG Flow Z13 has been purchased. March 2022 and accidentally made small scratch on one side from the laptop. Something that can happen to any of us from any blow and should not affect its functioning.

According to its Korean owner, he was using the ROG Flow Z13. no problem for 3 months until july stopped working. This was when he decided to contact ASUS after-sales service to request a replacement. free repair, because it was within the warranty period. But ASUS repair center said that this is not possible as there are signs of an external shock (scratch).

Repair center believes the hit caused internal damage

ASUS Notebook Scratch Warranty Disclaimer

According to a worker at ASUS repair center in Yongsan, external impact may have caused internal damage and hence the fact that it has stopped working. This type of response is hard to believe, because if we take the laptop’s owner’s side, it guarantees that they passed. 3 months after the coup. If the inside of the laptop had indeed been damaged by the user, I would have noticed it right away. It all makes sense when numerous problems with ASUS laptops and warranty repair denial from other users begin to appear.

For example, we have another user. Defect in PCIe slot ASUS motherboard with little sign and therefore they refused to repair it. At the moment, the company’s repair and after-sales service does not end with complaints. if we go ASUS service policy we found it dents, peeling and scratches are not identified as the cause of the defect your product. Worse still, an ASUS Korea official added that there have been no recent changes to the service policy.

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