Essential automotive displays for FUN driving experiences

Essential automotive displays for FUN driving experiences

Indispensable Automotive Displays for FUN driving experiences according to LG as they provide useful information about interior and exterior conditions with ‘Central Information Display’ (CID) and ‘Head Up Display’ (HUD)

Automotive displays provide useful information about interior and exterior conditions. It includes a “Central Information Display” (CID) that displays general information, a “cluster” that displays the speedometer and engine status, and a “Head Up Display” (HUD) that projects information onto the windshield.

As cars become more autonomous in many features and functions, car showroom trends are reshaping to meet new consumer demands. So what exactly do these futuristic boards do?

Go from one-way communication to two-way communication

In the past, cars transmitted traffic information necessary for driving via one-way communication. But as automotive displays evolve, more and more information is exchanged between the driver, vehicle and external devices.

Take your navigation app as an example of this. After entering your destination, the system calculates the most suitable route and sorts the alternatives according to traffic and the alternatives that the driver can choose according to their preferences. In addition to traffic information, the temperature of the vehicle and the outside environment can also be expressed, and the latest screens even support voice, face and gesture recognition technologies. In other words, it is the new environment that provides continuous communication between the driver, the vehicle and the external elements.

Beyond basic traffic information

In 2022, we will be pampered with all the live information we can see as we navigate. And in the not-too-distant future, cars will automatically provide driver-specific information via personal profiles, which means it works for car-sharing too.

Cars will soon be able to recognize the driver and passengers, thus providing information based on age or time of day. For example, someone going to the office can get the latest job news, current road conditions, or the weather, while a uniformed high school student can get information about popular textbooks, restaurants nearby, or the week’s hottest songs. Just like smartphones, automotive displays select information, deliver smart experiences and even provide personalized information on the go.

Essential automotive displays for FUN driving experiences

Switching from analog to digital

Because humans process most external information visually, the latest automotive displays are digital to make it easier to check information at a glance and have fewer physical buttons, thanks to a touch interface that makes changing settings safer and easier.

Apply high-end material to match

Automotive screens are fast becoming the most important part of the interior, largely as they act as a personal hub for all information and devices. That’s why it’s more important than ever to apply materials and form factors that meet the needs of the most demanding consumers. Automotive shades use high quality, premium materials to achieve the stylish look that is now in vogue. With unique form factors such as plastic OLED (POLED) and foldable displays entering various markets, the future looks even more remarkable.

Switch from general information to personalized information

By connecting to external devices, the automotive display leverages connectivity services to open up new possibilities. Unlike a decade ago, when the driver had two choices, navigation or radio, automotive displays now offer convenient, personalized services that take convenience and entertainment to a whole new level.

Passengers can connect a smartphone to check their schedule or work on the go, listen to music based on their unique profile, find nearby places or customize their screen with a few taps on the screen. With car screens becoming an essential part of the driving experience, screens are getting bigger, curved and more flexible so they can show more information and help create the most luxurious interiors.

CID: connecting people to their cars

The most famous among automotive displays, CID provides entertainment as well as driving status information to effectively serve as a human-machine interface (HMI). Located at the center of the vehicle, the CID gives the driver and passenger access to a variety of useful features such as audio, video, navigation, HVAC and Bluetooth controls through a simple and intuitive user experience.

LG Electronics (LG) Vehicle Component Solutions (VS) Company stays in close contact with the world’s top-notch automakers to ensure its CID is the best, so it is now featured in several iconic vehicles and is on the rise.

LG CID’s excellent quality has been validated by A-SPICE (Automotive Software Process Improvement and Capability determination), an internationally recognized quality certification model created by European auto manufacturers to evaluate the design, verification and management quality of software.

LG’s CID received A-SPICE certifications in 2016, 2019 and 2021. Its latest certification, A-SPICE Level 2 (2021), not only proves LG’s development process complies with international quality control and monitoring standards, but also recognizes its unique development capabilities. .

In addition, LG received Excellent Seller Awards in 2014, 2017 and 2020 for the 9.3-inch gapless curved CID developed by Group Renault with patented technology to create a smooth design that blends into the interior.

LG’s CID also received the Daimler automotive Group Inspiration Award for 2020, the same year its revolutionary P-OLED cockpit received the coveted GM Innovation Award at the annual General Motors Supplier of the Year Awards.

LG will continue to innovate mobility technologies as it strives to create an HMI that connects passengers to the cars of the future for the next level of driving experience.

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That’s why, according to LG, ‘Central Information Display’ (CID) and ‘head-up display’ (HUD) are indispensable automotive displays for FUN driving experiences as they provide useful information about interior and exterior conditions.

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