Ferplan, the technology to revolutionize crop fertilization strategies

Ferplan, the technology to revolutionize crop fertilization strategies

Second Degree Cooperative DELAGRO finalize the details of its launch FERPLANAnticipating regulatory changes to be implemented with the new CAP, it will mark a before and after on the path to understanding crop fertilization, and will come to light in mid-December. A tool that was born with a single purpose, the result of complex research: to make the job easier for farmers and ranchers.

New European regulations on fertilizers are about to enter into force and will present a major challenge for farmers who will have to adapt to technical and administrative requirements, but also a great opportunity to strengthen and secure the future and environmental heritage of the sector. to new generations

In this context, DELAGRO wanted to anticipate the mandatory nature of new European measures and is therefore already adding years of work towards more efficient and sustainable management of fertilizers. This is how the idea of ​​FERPLAN was born to transform the way fertilization plans are designed and the maintenance of soil with the aim of applying nutrients only where they are needed and needed more efficiently. positive impact will be created on the environment as well as on the crop.

In this way, a group of DELAGRO experts has dedicated themselves to the development of this digital tool that will help farmers, ranchers and technicians adapt to new obligations and implement upcoming legislative changes in the simplest possible way. This fertilizer field as well as designing innovative mechanisms for the maximum use of available nutrients depending on each soil type.

In total, the work of the DELAGRO technical team has been ongoing for over ten years, examining more than 8,000 soil samples from the northern part of the Peninsula in collaboration with the Mabegondo Agricultural Research Center. The rigorous research that led to the design of FERPLAN, which is about to be launched, has focused primarily on complying with new environmental obligations towards sustainable nutrition, efficient fertilizer use and responsible agricultural soil maintenance.

New community regulations

New regulatory context to bring its goals to life European Green Deal has set ambitious targets in terms of efficiency in fertilizer use. Therefore, the European Commission aims to at least halve nutrient loss by 2030 to ensure that soil fertility is not compromised at the same time. As a result, a reduction of at least 20% in fertilizer use is expected.

DELAGRO’s new computer tool, FERPLAN, wants to help farmers, ranchers and technicians achieve the goals set by the new legislation, by following the philosophy of applying to crops only the products needed and when needed, making the most efficient use of every resource. These changes will require the effort of ranchers and farmers, who must pay special attention to the management of nutrients added to the soil and the control of leaching processes.

Additionally, the new PAC will imply that new administrative procedures, such as preparing the subscription plan or updating a farm notebook, must be undertaken by the farmers themselves. Exactly to facilitate all these new procedures, the FERPLAN tool was born, which will be made available soon to make it easier for growers and farmers who want to stay one step ahead of the upcoming changes.

A transformation with one goal: sustainability and efficiency

The new tool that DELAGRO will launch to deal with all these upcoming regulatory changes has been developed at the multidisciplinary center owned by the secondary cooperative in As Pontes. A 36,000 m2 logistics center with the capacity to collect thousands of samples required for the development of this application.

FERPLAN is above all a response to the very near future needs of farmers and ranchers to comply with European requirements in terms of fertilizers, but is also the result of an internal transformation of the second-tier cooperative. because sustainability has become one of DELAGRO’s priorities, both at the operational, logistics and production level.

FERPLAN This means moving towards a nearer future where the importance of quantity, that is, of quantity, fades into the background, and how, in other words, which quality will take the leading role, how we will apply fertilizers. How do we produce to be sustainable, How do we ship in a way that does not emit polluting gases, How do we eliminate or reuse the waste generated during the logistics process? Complete reengineering of the supply chain, they say, in which the use of technology and the education of people will play a crucial role. DELAGRO.

In short, a transformation, the biggest representative of which is FERPLAN, as long as the secondary cooperative fulfills its mission: ensuring sustainability, securing the future of the sector and facilitating changes, while providing members with tools that enable them to be one step ahead in regulatory issues, raw materials In this case, it guarantees greater efficiency in the use of fertilizers in crops.

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