Keys to Microsoft's Surface Laptop Studio

Keys to Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Studio

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Studio laptop has become one of the best work tools. We checked it out extensively at Urban Tecno.

Remote work has become one of the key keys to the new way of understanding the economy. Digitizing this allowed us to enjoy a range of jobs that only needed a computer and good wifi connection. Similarly, many other office jobs are a great option for family reconciliation and in most cases increase productivity. Now, which device to use? Microsoft has the Surface Laptop Studio laptop.

An interesting model that came to conquer the public, thanks to the provision of a number of distinctive features. The balance it offers among its main qualities is particularly striking in terms of both utility and product quality. equipment. It’s clear Microsoft wants to go. given the increase in demandso it’s worth knowing more deeply what the keys are that could explain its potential success.

At Urban Tecno we were able to test a unit, so we’re here to show you everything we love and issues that could be polished better. Let us know, therefore, all The secrets this Surface Laptop Studio keeps.

Surface Laptop Studio is a very stable laptop perfect for remote work

The first thing to note is that the tested unit costs 2,199 euros, but with prices starting from 1,699 Euros. By design, we are faced with a product that represents what we expect at this price level. The presence of anodized aluminum stands out and it has a very simple design but successful, something common at Microsoft. This has likewise been worked out to provide great ventilation to the whole. Therefore, the product as a whole has a height jump.

Another functional detail of the design is the presence of the Surface Slim Pen 2, which can be attached to the structure of the laptop thanks to the magnet. Likewise, it is a charging base for it. toolA very interesting and innovative concept. Now, can we find any disadvantages of the whole? Undoubtedly, its weight slightly aggravates the result. equipment. at scale total 1.8 kilosSomething that can be explained due to its lectern function is a technology that turns the device into a semi-tablet.

Regarding the screen, he is 14’4 inches It has a resolution of 2,400 pixels. Nodding to its proximity to the professional market, it features a 3/2 function that allows for double pages inside to increase user productivity.

Regarding the front camera, perhaps we are faced with one of its weak points. It has Full HD quality but the most interesting Ability to use Windows Helloa The option is only compatible if you have an activated version of Windows 10 or 11.. For the rest, both sound and microphone work fine. Therefore, it is a laptop that will allow you to seamlessly make and maintain video calls.

Best laptop for business: keys to Microsoft's Surface Laptop Studio

The Surface Laptop Studio is a well-balanced laptop for professional use. Picture: Microsoft

It has a very comfortable keyboard in terms of use and of course abandons the numeric part due to its relatively small size. However, considering its dimensions, it is very well circumscribed. At the connectivity level, there are 2 USB-C ports and a headphone jack input. Similarly, it has Microsoft’s own port which allows for an additional hub connection to be able to add a number of additional connectors. The problem with this accessory is that It costs 119 euros.

So what does this laptop offer in terms of performance and functionality? It has Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1. However, attention should be paid to other additional issues. Model for 2,199 euros It has an i7-11370H processor.With 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. However, there are other alternatives as you can choose a superior option with 1 or 2 Tb depending on the needs of each user. However, there are other more accessible options to enjoy an i5.

In terms of autonomy, we are not facing the highest performing laptop in this regard. However, the Surface Laptop Studio has enough capacity. Perform at a high level for 6 or 7 hours. Everything will depend on the programs being executed and the processor requirements, as in these cases.

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