LG Gram is a terrible laptop…with lights and shadows

LG Gram is a terrible laptop…with lights and shadows

When we got LG’s new laptop, the 17-inch LG Gram Z90Q, we thought they screwed up and sent us a mockup: being so light despite its size puts it at the top of the scale at this point. Once upon a time laptops on the risewhat signs betting on new technologies and designs, LG Gram targets a very defined audience.

Beyond how light it is despite its size The 16-inch Mac Book Pro is almost half a kilo heavier, making it an elegant laptop by design. It is very thin and easy to carry in almost any type of backpack or purse. Visually it is more beautiful to the touch: its surface attracts fingerprints very easily, and the materials used (to reduce weight, of course) seem to be made of plastic, although it is a very durable magnesium alloy. The keyboard responds with ease, although it’s placed a little far to give. area for a large touchpad: 13 cm. x 8cm.

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