LG UltraPC 17 laptop: review, analysis and features

LG UltraPC 17 laptop: review, analysis and features

LG launched its laptop range in September UltraPC, with terminals that change the size and other features of their screens, but they’re betting on the highest stakes. As its name suggests, the company has come up with devices to consider in this market.

During second quarter of 2022LG’s joint strategy has resulted in a record consolidated revenue of 19.46 trillion won (approximately 14,680 million euros), 15% more than in the same quarter of the previous year.

Strong sales in key home appliance markets and growth in the company’s vehicle components business boosted results. But LG has a lot to say in the laptop segment.

It also has a more suitable range for daily needs such as transportation to work or office. gram seriesMore humble than Ultra.

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When it comes to LG UltraPC, the offer is quite different. The design is closer to teenagers who can hold an all-in-one laptop in their hands to play video games and work.

I’ve tried LG Ultra PC 17 / 2022 for a few weeks and that’s what I liked best…

The LG UltraPC 17 laptop comes in a durable design bearing the UltraGear logo, the company’s ‘gaming’ handle.

LG chose the UltraPC 17 laptop for a very robust design. thanks to the high-strength machined aluminum chassis. This turns into a somewhat heavy terminal because of it. 1.95 kilosalthough not necessarily inconvenient to carry in a case.

its dimensions are great381x274mm-, although they are more than justified by the screen, which I will talk about later. As for its thickness, despite the many links it has, it’s just 19.9 millimetersIt has a slimmer design at the bottom.

In the same part, LG decorates the design with 2 engravings of GeForce RTX, one of the heroes of the terminal. On his back, the company introduces ultra gear logoher branch play a game already known for its monitorswith very beautiful silver glitters as a whole.

The silver coating causes the color to alternate between light and dark gray.

in short a very solid laptop that can be used almost like a desktop computer and also leaves no marks or scratches, perfect for taking to the office in a backpack or purse.

A laptop packed with connections designed for comfort and speed while working or playing video games.

LG Ultra Computer 17.

For work or video games, LG has put a lot of thought into the importance of peripherals to be able to listen to clear audio with headphones for video calls or any game. Therefore, the link section is full of possibilities.

Among the most important are 3 USB 3.2 type A, a USB 4.0 type C with fast charging, an HDMI port and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. In short, you can easily connect multiple devices at the same time.

Added to all this is that LG guarantees really fast wireless connections. wireless 6 and Bluetooth 5.1.

LG Ultra Computer 17.

Finally, the UltraPC 17, fingerprint reader on power button, in the upper-right corner of the keyboard. In any case, it recognized my finger accurately and with surprising speed.

Its screen is comfortable for anything, thanks to its 16:10 format, which adds to the quality that the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 ti plays.

LG Ultra Computer 17.

One of the best points about this LG laptop is that it has chosen an extremely comfortable display for working or playing. 17 inches, WQXGA resolution (2,560 x 1,600 pixels) and 16:10 aspect ratioIt’s a very comfortable format.

On a daily basis, the screen is used for everything from leveraging it to perform different tasks to focusing on a single piece of content for TV shows, movies, and video games. Plus, its 350 nits brightness doesn’t cause annoying reflections – it’s also anti glare–.

As for the bezels, the lower part with the LG logo and the upper bezels are wider. HD front camera it has numerous functions such as automatic mute depending on distance or automatic centering of the frame.

LG Ultra Computer 17.

Finally, and completing the perfection, the LG UltraPC 17 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 ti –one of the cheapest but no less powerful – and Intel Iris Xe Graphicsmore than enough to be able to move the most demanding video games, as well as have an outstanding quality.

The 12th generation Intel Core i7 processor is what makes the laptop usable for working, creating content, watching videos or playing demanding video games.

LG Ultra Computer 17.

In terms of performance, little can be asked of the LG UltraPC, as it comes with a power managed by a powerhouse. 12th generation Intel Core i7 processor Along with 16 gigabytes of RAM, dual DDR5 and dual 512 gigabytes SSD. In short, a beast for the most demanding.

I used it for office work on a daily basis, as the terminal is designed to increase your productivity. And he understood. You’ll be able to open numerous apps, even video games, while opening others.

LG Ultra Computer 17.

When you’re done with your work, your laptop is designed to make the most of your free time. In my case, I tried with: FIFA 22, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Deathloop, Multiversus or Fall Guysamong others.

From the simplest to the most demanding video games, the LG UltraPC can handle anything, in part thanks to the graphics card, which, as I mentioned earlier, is still one of the cheapest, although powerful.

Finally, all its power is seamlessly integrated with the powerful tools LG has to offer to get the most out of the device.

LG offers numerous tools to protect your privacy, such as blurring the screen when someone else is watching, or directly turning off the screen when you’re not looking.

LG Ultra Computer 17.

The operating system surrounding the LG UltraPC, Windows 11 Home Edition. Despite the current complaints about this version, the laptop stands out and boots up nicely. Additionally, LG provides you with powerful troubleshooting or customization tools.

First of all, it should be noted that your camera plays a very important role. To ensure privacy, using LG Glance you can choose to blur the screen while someone else is watching, pause the media when away, warn of poor posture, or blur the screen when looking away.

You can also configure it to conform to the 20/20/20 rule. The same laptop will tell you to look 20 meters away for 2′ seconds after 20 minutes of continuous operation. Day after day, the rest is noticeable, but in video games it’s best to disable it otherwise it will kick you out of full screen.

That’s why LG relies heavily on your privacy, with a terminal designed to prevent others from seeing what you’re doing.

A keyboard befitting the design and the promised productivity, quite remarkable, immersive 3D sound with both speakers and headphones.

LG Ultra Computer 17.

To complete the productivity section, LG UltraPC measures, a 4-column numeric keypad on the right, touchpad High sensitivity with built-in gestures and backlight for dark environments.

In this sense, LG adds functions such as the instant window that transfers the content to the screen you are working on, or the smart pointer that follows your gaze and moves the mouse pointer according to where you are looking. .

To this we must add a rather noticeable sound for both video calls and video games. This makes DTS:X Ultra stars immersive 3D audio playback, with both stereo speakers and headphones.

Its battery withstands all-day office tasks, with a fairly quick charge added in about an hour.

LG Ultra PC 17 laptop.

To finish completing an undeniably high-end laptop, LG adds a powerful battery. 10,336mAhwhich won’t leave you stranded on a daily basis.

Depending on how you use it, it can go up to 6 pm with functions activated for very moderate use and savings. On a typical day, it took about 8 hours of typing, active screen, and multitasking to complete the job.

This time is greatly affected when launching video games, which can cut battery life by up to half. Again 80 Wh allows the laptop to charge from 20% to 100% in about an hour.

The LG UltraPC laptop is a high-end, versatile laptop that will serve you in the office, watch high-quality TV shows and movies, and play video games at your leisure.

LG Ultra Computer 17.

LG’s high range of products hand in hand with information provided by its subsidiary UltraGear play a gamehas created a monster in every way. The laptop is perfect for everything: office or study, streaming or video games.

In that sense, it’s perfect for those who choose to use a laptop for gaming at the end of the workday or at university. It offers power in this area and you don’t have to buy other devices to play.

Get ready to pay now 1.999 € for him LG Ultra Computer 17is the starting price. Despite this, he has regular promotions that can let him down. 1,549,07 €. Worth the investment.

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