Mars Callahan and Cuba Gooding Jr bet on Colombia with Web 3.0 technology

Mars Callahan and Cuba Gooding Jr bet on Colombia with Web 3.0 technology

This content was published on 23 November 2022 – 14:53.

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Barranquilla (Colombia), November 23 (EFE).- The film’s cast, Cuba Gooding Jr and Mars Callahan, are in Colombia with their team, producers and developers to run audio-visual projects and make South America a first outside the United States. in the implementation of Web 3.0 technology.

American actor, director, producer and writer Mars Callahan, known for his movie “Poolhall Junkies” and Cuba Gooding Jr., who won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for “Jerry McMaguire” and starred in “Pearl Harbor” and “Men”. “honor” embarked on a Colombia tour in Barranquilla that included Cartagena de Indias, Medellín and Bogotá.

Accompanied by Jonathan Sanger, Academy Award-winning producer of “Mission Impossible”, Callahan and Gooding Jr underlined that Colombia should be a content producer supported by cutting-edge technology.

In an interview with EFE in Puerto Colombia, part of the Barranquilla metropolitan area, capital of Atlántico state, the two Hollywood stars talked about the reasons that brought them to Colombia, their plans and plans in the country. Family ties they have with the South American country.


Mars Callahan, whose real name is Gregory Mars Martin, is the grandson of American aviation pioneer William Knox Martin, who introduced the first airplanes to Colombia and inaugurated the air mail in this country with industrialist Mario Santo Domingo in June 1919. A flight between Barranquilla and Puerto Colombia.

“I am a film and television director. My company, my partners and I have 22 nominations and four Academy Awards. I want to bring an Oscar to Colombia and come here and move here, live here in Colombia and create a legacy. to produce films and televisions that tell a new story. Not the old story we’ve seen a thousand times,” he said.

“The Children of Times Square”, “Highway to Hell”, “California”, “Clifford”, “That Thing You Do!” “We have ways to create jobs and stimulate the economy for Colombia,” said Callahan, known for his participation in productions such as “Double Down” and “Double Down.”

“I want to bring in a free technology platform so people can be creative. I haven’t done that yet, but I plan to meet with the president. And I think the vision for the future is coherent and I think it’s a story and narrative that benefits not just Colombia but all of Latin America,” Callahan said. .


Mars Callahan and Cuba Gooding Jr lead Veuit, the world’s first publishing and social media platform built on Web 3.0 and blockchain technologies.

Web 3.0 is the term used to describe a computer network where all data is interconnected and all machines process content in the same way as humans.

In this context, the Oscar-winning actress stated that such an initiative would allow the development of major projects in countries such as Colombia. “I didn’t know how wonderful the people here were, I didn’t know about the culture, the art. I was very impressed. I was really impressed.”

Explaining what the project was, Gooding Jr said, “What’s the biggest show in the UK? They’re targeting Colombia.

“Now we’re here in Colombia, we’re bringing Hollywood to Colombia. No one sees the incredible talent that’s in Colombia, Mexico, Korea and Japan, but they don’t stay there. They don’t stay in their own country.” aforementioned.

During their stay in Barranquilla, Mars Callahan and Cuba Gooding Jr. visited the aviation memorial that pays homage to William Knox Martin as the pioneer of aviation development in Colombia. Efe



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