Empresas del futuro más sostenibles usando la tecnología

More sustainable companies using technology of the future

By María Paula Duque, Director of Sustainability, Microsoft Latam

This is not a fashion. is a fact. if we don’t solve global warming and we were able to significantly reduce the associated carbon emissions. industrial activityWe will not have a planet to live on or work on.

mid-18th century – early century industrial Revolution– To date, human activities have released more than 2 trillion metric tons of greenhouse gases into the Earth’s atmosphere, added to the estimated annual growth of more than 50 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases that take thousands of years to dissipate. and millions of dollars to clean up.

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Industrial activity, a global problem

The problem is serious and requires urgent intervention. World Meteorological Organization (WMO) warned that we have reached the record of savings in 2020. greenhouse gasesAbove the average produced in the period 2011-2020.

One of the immediate effects for our health is the declaration of the World Health Organization (WHO) lists air pollution as one of the biggest threats to human health.

This is why the sense of urgency global warming and pollution is increasing with each passing year and why the call to action is getting clearer.

As a result, more pressure on companies to take action and clearer responses from them, an increasing awareness and voice of their role in environmental impact, the use of sustainable processes in their operations, Product:%s Greenadapting production chains to reduce environmental footprintwants to decarbonize its operations.

digital transformation

Actions adopted at the business level have different scopes. Some organizations start their sustainability journey by taking steps to reduce their energy consumption and thus emissions of the carbon.

Others prioritize lowering operating costs on strategic inputs such as: this. Some are investing heavily in the energy transition by acquiring more advanced, renewable energy.

this digital transformation plays a leading role in building more sustainable companies. New technologies for integrating and interconnecting various systems, capturing data in real time and running artificial intelligence algorithms increase operational efficiency and will be decisive on the road to zero emissions economy.

Step 1, measuring the organization’s environmental footprint and taking responsibility requires technology. Measurements are real-time and from the original source of information, i.e. from various business systems – for example ERPinvoicing, suppliers, CRM– Where this information is based, such that actions are based on actual data and not on estimates that are outdated over time.

If there are any material assets left to us by digital transformationIt is the ability to collect and use data to generate information and make decisions.

Based on the basic principle of “what cannot be measured cannot be improved”, Microsoft We’ve been working on our strategy for years Sustainabilityby using precise data and precise analytical models that lead to significant improvements in the sustainable practices adopted by the company. company.

In other words, all of our products and technology The products we bring to market to solve the sustainability challenges of our customers and partners have been tested and designed by and for us.

We are the #1 customer of the sustainability cloud. Microsoft Sustainability Managersmart building solutions and massive adoption of green energy in the operation of our data centers globally.

Sustainability, possible solution

Based on data models and continuous measurement of our sustainable actions, we have been able to undertake ambitious targets of carbon neutral, water positive and zero waste by 2030.

We believe that sustainability will create a transformation as deep as digital transformation in companies. Cloud computing, the use of exponential data or digital twins and the metaverse will be facilitators of sustainability.

Keeping this principle in mind and believing in the transformative power of the universe technologyWe deliver and build digital technology solutions to help you easily identify your environmental footprint, determine how to reduce it, and adopt more complex strategies as your business reinvents itself.

an example of this prostitute groupMexico-based international bakery and snack manufacturer, which it implements to help it achieve its sustainability goals. Microsoft Cloud for Sustainabilitycurrently helping the company collect, monitor and analyze all strategic sustainability metrics.

Recognizing that sustainable development is a step forward requires not only a bold goal, but also a detailed plan and therefore aggressive programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. carbonfor both direct emissions and the entire supply and value chain.

This is an urgent responsibility for companies and societies, the problem is serious and we must act now to have a better planet for all.

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