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Green spaces in the house provide peace and well-being. Portable gardens can provide a personal, appealing touch and can also serve healthy eating. Most of us have an area or corner (terrace, garden, balcony, etc.) that we can use to improve our home farming a little. In this article, we show you a selection of city gardens you can buy.

How about the garden at home?

Owning an urban garden is all about owning a small space at home. (garden, terrace, balcony, etc.) places where plants, vegetables, greens and fruits are harvested. Although it does not have a large area, there are options that allow you to enjoy the benefits of nature and ecology: portable gardens.

Portable garden varieties

Portable gardens are designed to be outdoors or in a well-ventilated area and are used to grow vegetables, fruits or herbs. There are several types of gardens:

soil vegetable garden

They are wooden containers that have been treated to withstand the weather outside. They contain a geotextile lining inside to hold the soil and protect the wood. Some models are arranged in the form of ladders at various heights, allowing the cultivation of aromatic plants.eggplant, tomatoes, peppers and most leafy vegetables.

Standing garden or grow table

They are deep enough to hold a good amount of substrate and are comfortable to care for standing plants.. These portable gardens are very useful for growing species that don’t grow much, such as leafy vegetables. In addition, they are produced from treated wood and with a textile coating inside.

vertical orchard

They are mini urban gardens built on walls using self-supporting and self-emptying modules. It is made of polypropylene, which is very resistant to external weather conditions. The pieces are attached together to create a space based on the existing surface and can be easily expanded. There are also jute ones like hanging bags with several compartments for growing small aromatic herbs, vegetables and strawberries. They can be placed outside or inside the house, for example, near the window. Different containers in the garden contain separators to group crops according to their water or fertilizer needs.


They are suitable for creating a portable garden according to preferences and available space.. This It is preferable to have water reserves to provide irrigation while you are away.. There are self-watering pots for this possibility, they are ideal and allow you to grow small fruit trees.

Where to buy portable gardens? Prices and models

Then, you main mobile garden vendors, market prices and models.

Vedecora portable gardens

Verdecora offers a wide variety of urban gardens to grow in small spaces. The company’s orchards are made of quality pine wood and have all the features to start planting. Prices can vary between 20 and 100 Euros.

Multi-Area Urban Garden

Multi-space garden at different heights. Scotch pine material. Six divisions. Geotextile mesh included. Size 100x100x36cm. Price: 74.99 Euros.

Pilea Square City Garden

Nine splits. The inner lining with geotextile mesh, which improves drainage and prevents waterlogging, allows it to be placed directly on the table without the need for flower pots. Scandinavian pine material. Size: External size. 134x134x24 cm. internal dimension. 120x120cm. Capacity: 575 Liters. Price: 74.99 Euros.

Vintage Eco Garden Set

This home garden kit allows you to grow in small spaces. The Eco vintage garden kit has seeds that allow you to plant five different types: tomatoes, zucchini, parsley, basil and ‘baby leaves’, perfect food for salads and side dishes.

The garden also has a substrate for strong and healthy growth of crops. It fits perfectly into small spaces located in a townhouse, in addition, the bright colors of cultivated species will bring joy to the house as a decorative and innovative element. Size: 49x35x32 cm. Contents: Seeds+fertilizer+coconut fiber+geotextile mesh+substrate. Price: 24.99 Euros.

Urban Wall Garden

  • Size: 4 shelves. 70 cm long x 16.4 cm wide x 56 cm high.
  • Price: 69.99 Euros.
  • Option 2 Shelves. Length 70 cm x height 56 ​​cm x width 16.4 cm.
  • Price: 49.99 Euros.

Wooden Garden Table

A wooden garden table is a great option for any gardener who doesn’t have the space to plant in their home. It is very comfortable as it has 80 cm legs that keep the crop high while improving the light received by the plants.

It consists of four parts that allow you to plant different varieties of plants., fruit or vegetable. Geotextile mesh inner lining improves drainage. High quality Nordic pine wood material which allows it to be positioned both indoors and outdoors without changing its composition. Size: 80 cm long x 80 cm wide x 80 cm high. Its price is 84.99 euros.

Urban Garden Kit

This kit has a capacity of 35 liters and includes everything you need to set up and enjoy a portable garden at home. Contents: garden table, wide shovel for gardening, two bags of 100% natural substrate, three 650 gram bags of 100% natural coconut fiber, a pack of Guano fertilizer, a pack of organic lettuce, tomatoes and Peppers. It measures 60x40x40 cm. Price: 64.99 Euros.

Buy portable garden Leroy Merlin

leroy merlin is another company that offers portable gardens to grow and dedicate a small space to nature inside your home. The design variety fits perfectly into patios, balconies, patios or gardens. Its products are divided into pots, special containers, grow tables and mini vertical gardens that make the task easier and allow you to grow your own vegetables and fruits simply and without spending too much time.

Eden Wooden Vertical Urban Garden

Made from solid FSC certified wood. This certification ensures that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests. Its design is perfect for taking up little space and integrating into any corner of the house. Price: 259 Euros.

earthen orchard with angel cage

Ladder garden table made of engineered pine wood. Its design is ideal for easily growing vegetables in your garden or any outdoor space in your home. Plants or vines can grow by climbing the trellis, making it easier to grow larger plants. The vegetable garden table features three interior partitions to keep the roots in their stair-distributed box, so you can choose the height based on the soil each vegetable needs. Price: 79.99 Euros.

FSC Wooden Urban Garden

The urban garden in the form of a wooden table is ideal for having your own garden on the terrace. It has an eight-compartment bucket and a bottom shelf to support your garden tools. It has the FSC seal. The wood has been treated to prevent it from rotting and deteriorating. Size: 120x80x60cm. Price: 159 euros.

wood urban garden wood

Grow table made of treated fir wood, ideal for growing vegetables or aromatic herbs. Includes a lower shelf for tools. Price: 145 Euros.

Gardenbrico XXL80 grow table from Hortalia

Portable garden made of Nordic pine wood treated to stay outside without the need for polishing. It can be placed on a small balcony, terrace or roof terrace. Size 200 x 80 x 80. Price: 269 Euros.

Urban garden buy Ikea

The Swedish furniture giant has a wide range of products in its catalog to create an urban garden.

Ikea PS FEJÖ cookware

The Ikea PS FEJÖ planter includes a self-watering container that keeps the soil moist so that the plants can hold up well during periods when they cannot be watered regularly. It also has practical wheels that make it easy to transport and easy to clean. Price: 25 euros.


Five flower pot supports made of white bamboo in the form of a decorative ladder. You can put several pots vertically, ideal if you love plants but have little space for them. Price: 49 euros.

Buy portable gardens on Amazon

Amazon has literally everything, including. houses. These are some of the portable gardens available at the Internet sales giant.

Properplast ESPA city garden

Miniature greenhouse that creates ideal conditions for the development of plants. It takes up little space making it comfortable for a terrace, balcony or apartment both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to good ventilation and humidity control, it provides an excellent microclimate for growing young plants, more sensitive to atmospheric changes, with maximum comfort of use. Price: 52 euros.

Habau-High terrace

Practical nursery for growing plants and flowers in the garden or on the balcony. Shelves and hooks to keep tools and materials close at hand. Size 119x57x89cm. Price: 157 Euros.

Forest Style city garden made of wooden Martina

Rustic-looking portable wooden garden. Thanks to its wheels, you can reposition it in different areas without much effort. This will help you balance the sun incidence on the plants. It has four separators for different products.

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