SEIDOR is committed to improving the development of technology in Education |  interviews

SEIDOR is committed to improving the development of technology in Education | interviews

Microsoft joins SIMO Education 2022 with an array partners It aims to show how technology can solve some of the shortcomings faced by the education sector. On the one hand, it proposes a set of tools and solutions to achieve this goal. On the other hand, he has the help of his Channel to shape an ecosystem of services oriented in this direction.

Leveraging Grupo SEIDOR’s presence at the Microsoft booth at the Madrid fair, DealerWorld spoke with Microsoft alliance director Mariel Domínguez and SEIDOR Education director Baptista Borrel. About the needs of the industry.

Regarding the relationship between both companies, Mariel Domínguez acknowledged that it is very close, especially in the medium and long term.. “Other industry players He is very loyal and has a lot of work ahead of him. That’s why we’re building stronger teams for the Microsoft space for general specialist sales and solutions. And without a doubt, we’re relying on Surface this year because it’s the icing on the cake of any project.”

As a result, What SEIDOR is proposing to the education market is a value bet in two areas, schools and higher education. Regarding schools, “With Microsoft, we support the increase in teachers’ digital competencies and this is because Microsoft is providing greater penetration in its products and solutions. There, too, it has a privileged position with its productivity and collaboration tools. If we know how to position teachers to increase their digital competence, this should be one of the axes for Microsoft to gain ground over others. players in other communities, it is complemented by the entire product range. In this way, we achieve a higher level of dialogue in different communities,” said Baptista Borrell, talking about the needs of the industry.

When it comes to universities, experts who say “each is a separate world” have also agreed. Your transformation project has a long way to go on the road to implementation. cloudsapostille, “and Azure is the cornerstone. With our knowledge, applications are more and more clouds Azure, which also manages teaching. The value proposition is different, and Microsoft knows how to do it with its own university management; therefore the aim is to stabilize this organization in the long run by always relying on value. The value message should be longer, not so narrow-minded”.

And yet, as Domínguez points out, while SEIDOR has initiatives designed to capture talent, such as Microsoft’s integrated SEIDOR Academy and Consulting, this expert is of the opinion: When it comes to education in the form of investments and funds, manufacturers’ help is needed to bridge the digital divide.. “The industry is unprofessional. It is mature, but the relationship between the managers of the centers and the companies is not professional enough to transform the industry. Therefore, one of the ideas we have developed to attract talent is to promote professional training cycles to promote the rapid inclusion of 18-year-olds in the labor market. This is a vast area that needs to be explored and no one is doing it,” explained Batista Borrell.

One of the reasons talent is hard to find, as Mariel Domínguez thinks, is the degree mentality that prevails in the labor market.. according to you “We should base our actions more on experience, practice and certification of people who show potential. What are guilds for a lifetime. This is a joint effort for the convergence of the entire sector, especially schools. Seeing companies not as for-profit organizations, but as organizations that create business opportunities”.

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