This is Huawei's MateBook 16 laptop

This is Huawei’s MateBook 16 laptop

In line with the quality product portfolio at an affordable price, Huawei there is a laptop in our market, Matebook 16Due to its features, it can meet the needs at home and at work even for advanced users.

The Matebook 16 is a team according to the tests. complete and efficient An integrated technology that inherits Huawei’s signature design and smart technology while staying true to the brand’s DNA. FullView display with reduced bezels and professional level, as well as powerful performance and new multi-device collaboration features that make the user experience satisfying.

From a usage perspective, this is a complete tool that is useful for increasing productivity both in the office and at home compared to the competition.


The MateBook 16 is the first laptop on the market. TÜV Rheinland certification color accuracy and fast stability, recognizing your screen’s ability to reproduce true colors in minimum time. With these and other integrated features, the device increases productivity and also simplifies work in the creative field. The AMD Ryzen processor is complemented by a shark-fin-shaped biplane Shark Fin cooling system that enhances performance and silently controls heat dissipation.

high connectivity

This computer integrates the popular Super Device function, which works by expanding the collaboration possibilities of the brand’s ecosystem, as it makes it possible to connect the MateBook 16 to other equipment such as smartphones, MatePad tablets or MateView monitors. Center axis of a smart scenarioTo increase the capacity of the system in every area where it is used.

The Super Device feature simplifies tasks and makes multi-screen collaboration much easier by simply dragging documents as if they were a single device.

Product design

It has an attractive minimalist design with an aluminum metal body finished using a ceramic sandblasting process for texture, strength and a premium finish.

FullView display 16 inchWith its 90% screen-to-body ratio, it offers the optimal viewing area for any event, and this, combined with the 3:2 aspect ratio, allows for a more immersive use of visual space. Its IPS panel supports up to 2.5K (2520 x 1680) resolution and 189 dpi, is suitable for movie or entertainment playback and is, as stated, the world’s first laptop to receive TÜV Rheinland certification for color accuracy and fast stability. Low blue light involvement and no screen flicker provide comfort even in low-light or nighttime environments.

One point to note is that the brand has developed a touchpad touch panel, expand the surface and presenting it as glass to provide better glide that supports navigation.

Note that despite its capabilities and screen size, it only weighs 1.99 kg and its body is 17.8 mm thick.


The MateBook 16 is equipped with an AMD Ryzen 5,000 series processor (more versions are available) with up to 8 cores and 16 threads, which, along with the rest of the hardware, offers enough performance for typical operating scenarios. Users can also toggle the operating mode between performance mode, which raises the processor’s TDP to 54W to unleash the full power of the laptop, by pressing the Fn – P keys, and balance mode to increase battery efficiency.

Superior Features

The Shark Fin cooling system has been updated to optimize performance and heat dissipation while minimizing noise. Consisting of two 75mm+ fans, two heat pipes and a new air intake design from the hinge, this system provides quiet performance.

Another feature that is already essential for many users is the battery capacity of 84 Wh, which offers a real operating range of more than 12 hours. To quickly charge not only the laptop but also the brand’s Huawei SuperCharge compatible smartphones, a 135W fast charging power adapter is included, providing up to 3 hours of extra battery life on a 10-minute charge.

device values

One of the outstanding features of the notebook is the Super Device Feature. By wirelessly connecting the Huawei mobile phone to the computer and through the proximity detection, the phone’s screen will be mirrored to the PC, it will be able to control the two devices simultaneously through the laptop’s peripherals as one, allowing real-time management. real, up to three different windows of the mobile phone using the mouse, keyboard or microphone and the speaker of the computer.

It can equally connect with MateBook 16, MatePad tablets, HarmonyOS 2, MateView monitors and audio products.

function multi-screen collaboration With Huawei tablets, it allows MatePad to run in mirror mode to see the same content on both screens, allowing simultaneous editing from both devices as well as the ability to use the tablet as a digitizer; in extended screen mode; or as a second screen where multitasking activities are managed as if it were an additional ultraportable alternative monitor. Or the collaboration mode that adds synergy to the duo, providing access to a range of shared abilities, maintaining the independence of both devices but allowing both to be managed via the same mouse.

The laptop can also be wired or wirelessly connected to the MateView. They offer a larger viewing area and automatic adjustment to work with.

Other innovative features include a power button with fingerprint reader that works with a fingerprint scanner for fast and secure startup and works as a two-in-one power button that authenticates the user and turns on the laptop. an ergonomically designed backlit keyboard; front-facing dual-speaker audio system with 3,168-hole speaker grilles for room-filling sound; and a dual microphone system at one end that provides AI noise reduction and long-range audio pickup up to 5 meters, with a noticeable improvement in voice clarity during video calls.


Huawei MateBook a retail price approx. 800 €. It is available with both AMD R5 16 + 512 processor and AMD Ryzen R7 16 + 512 version.

The notebook is available in a stylish and professional Space Grey.


This laptop has a 16″ FullView 2.5K resolution frameless display. It has AMD Ryzen processor in different versions of SSD storage. Thanks to its 135 W charger, it offers up to 3.5 hours of extra use with a 15-minute charge. • The charger is compatible with all Huawei devices. Very useful during use. features.

With a weight of 1.9 kg and a thickness of 1.78 cm, it is light and manageable equipment. Windows 11 Home is installed.

It brings 1.07 billion colors to the screen and the color transitions are smooth and realistic. On the one hand, the 100% sRGB4 gamut ensures greater compatibility of images between devices, on the other hand, the average ΔE=15 color accuracy ensures that colors are displayed exactly as they are.

The quality of the equipment is perceived at first glance: a device with a thickness of 17.8 mm, with an elegant and contoured design. Its smooth matte surface with a ceramic feel is achieved by a delicate sandblasting technique. A very attractive aesthetic is created.

Heat dissipation is optimal thanks to the special cooling integrated under the base ventilation grille, which houses the dual fan system with 79 ultra-thin S-shaped blades. It works silently through two extra-wide heat pipes.

Optimal audio experience through dual speakers with rerouting of front sound to envelop the listener. A clearer and more direct listening experience.

Awesome Super Device feature that facilitates collaboration across devices. It allows teams to connect and integrate as a single unit to function as a cohesive unit.

Very fast and secure fingerprint recognition on the start button.

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Six input ports for connecting peripherals, nothing is left unconnected.

“Fn + P” provides extra power when you need it, for example if you are working with high demand programs.

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