Three Latinos with disabilities who find a place in technology to fuel their passions

Three Latinos with disabilities who find a place in technology to fuel their passions

Cesar Fassmor, Brayan Ochoa and Sweet Anita. (photo: Instagram)

All people have different abilities and talents, although each can identify them at different moments in life.

Infobae found three people who have something to say to the world based on technology and humor: Cesar Fasmor, a Peruvian working as a music reporter, cultural manager, eclectic dancer, among other professions; Brian Ochoa Colombian stand-up comedian and Sweet Anitaa streamer English twitch. He succeeded in attracting users of social networks, but also determined that these areas on the Internet can bring success in professional life, only three people with a disability.

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Cesar ‘Zezé’ Fassmor

Cesar Fassmor (nicknamed Zezé since childhood) is now 32 years old. At the age of 23, vision loss began in his right eye due to retinal detachment, after which his left eye swelled and, as a result, completely blind. At 25, he could no longer see anything. Zezé is Peruvian but lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, organizes cultural events and acts as a community leader.

Zezé told Infobae: adapt devices a visually impaired person is a very connected process to every device: “Since the iPod came out with the iPhone until now, siri and option dubbing, where you play the keyboard and memorize the buttons. Frankly, it’s a bit confusing for me with new applications, but after a few days, I’m holding my position very well,” he said.

“It’s the same with the computer. I have many keyboard shortcuts and I create my own digital typing routine on both phone and laptop,” he added.

Cesar 'Zezé' Fassmor
Cesar ‘Zezé’ Fassmor

And how has social media helped you develop your art career? Fassmor comments, “They let it create a way for people to recognize that there are people who have lost something but not everything.”

The Peruvian explains that he makes the most of the options he has. instagram anyone Facebook describing what is displayed on the screen. Therefore, when he found these tools, he started to publish his own face on his social networks “as a dancer or even a visually impaired YouTuber” without the need for third parties. I am the manager of my own community”. On the channels of the video platform Google He uploads videos of poetic presentations or performances and interviews with artists, where he says “between the ear, more than just an interview.”

Finally, the eclectic dancer, start a channel on twitch next year Starting a live broadcast during these times when most people are on the rise. Of course nothing complicated will be done for him because he “has already performed live on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.”

Cesar Fasmor.  (photo: Instagram/@zezehace)
Cesar Fasmor. (photo: Instagram/@zezehace)

Brian Ochoa

Colombian Brayan Ochoa, known on social media as ‘crazy leg’, a standupero who decides to transform knee disarticulation in a great life lesson. The comedian told Infobae that from the age of 2, his right leg was amputated due to a malformation in his knee, and from that moment he began using crutches and later prosthetics.

Before entering the stand-up world, Brayan was on the Bogotá paralympic swim team and even participated in the youth Pan American Games in Buenos Aires. He also taught swimming to children aged 8 months to 3 years.

Brian Ochoa.  (photo: Instagram/@pierna_loka)
Brian Ochoa. (photo: Instagram/@pierna_loka)

When the cinemas, theaters, and auditoriums of Stand Up Comedy in Colombia started receiving people again, Brayan decided to go to the so-called open mic, where people go to try their luck with a monologue, a performance, or even singing. He achieved his goal and since 2022 he has dedicated himself to making people laugh as a standupero.

Brayan closed the interview with the wonderful quote “Let’s spread more smiles on the street than on stage”, which he even got a tattoo on his skin.

Brian Ochoa.  (photo: Instagram/@pierna_loka)
Brian Ochoa. (photo: Instagram/@pierna_loka)

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Sweet Anita

Anita, 30, is her mother’s full-time caregiver. Hundreds of thousands of gamers follow her on Twitch, also known as “the daring and daring Sweet Anita”. player Y streamer.

Diagnosed Tourette’s syndrome In 2017, a neurological condition that causes people to make noises, say words or phrases out of context, or make involuntary movements, among other things. “It sounds like you’re physically being forced to say those things,” he said. anita He told Infobae: “I feel this urge very strongly. And if I don’t, I’m left incredibly stressed and distracted.”

Sweet Anita.  (photo:
Sweet Anita. (photo:

Anita says you always played with her as a kid. video game consoles favorites, PS1 Y super nintendo, However, when he played Overwatch online, he had never considered gaming as a career until other players suggested he try streaming.

This caused Anita to think, “If I’m doing exactly what you need to be a broadcaster, I might try this.” In other words, it was directed towards 2018 exactly. twitchplatform owned by Amazon.

Since then Sweet Anita has directed 5 to 6 times a week to date. Like many newbies, Anita started small by broadcasting for her friends and braced herself for a ban she saw inevitable because of her language.

Sweet Anita.  (photo: Reddit)
Sweet Anita. (photo: Reddit)

But since nothing happened, continued to transmit and “She was even particularly pleased to see the Twitch team in the audience of her stream.” As you play, you talk to your audience and answer their questions. A common question you get is what’s your weirdest tic.

Finally, Anita closes the interview by saying she’s open to these personal questions, and she says there’s a certain tic to these questions that always “confuses” her friends. She doesn’t give full details, but says she “involves very strong eye contact and will likely make obscene gestures throughout the broadcast, such as insulting Queen Elizabeth or cursing biblical characters.”

In this way, these three Latin characters were able to challenge their barriers and let the world and their followers see that there is nothing stopping them from developing their faculties, but the main way to show it is through the use of social networks and streaming platforms.

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